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Joyce the Blue Fairy is no stranger to the blogsphere. If you have no idea who is she, you can check her blog out, simply type kinky the blue fairy on google. Yeap, that's her blog name.

And there it this one day, I was in the event with Joyce and she is such an inspiration to lots of people. While I was about to talk to her, she came over and asked if she could invite me to her fashion event. Okay, I feel like sorta starstruck not that I am superfans of her but more on like she is the pioneer of the blogsphere and she is such a famous blogger among the bloggers. She also writes good stuff and never thought that I would be engaged by her since I am nobody #notsofamousyet. #somebodynoticedme #smallpotato

And then when I am at the event wearing something shitty while everyone there is like a superfasionista, the registration personasked for my name. 

No name found. 

"But I RSVP-ed."

Patiently, the fashionable girl asked again, who am I RSVP-ed under. 

"I am under..." 

For that one moment I forgot Joyce's name. 

"I am under Kinky, yes, Kinky." 

And she looked at me in awe, as if my confidence level was really high if I know what I am saying. 

Yes. And when I thought of it Kinky, I am sorry Joyce. 

Signing off. 

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