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I am about to rage now.

A while ago I've talked about how ironic and hypocritical humankind eating every other meat but pointing their fingers to dog meat eaters. Aren't they pathetically hypocritical? Look, I don't mean I eat dog meat nor saying that it's right to eat dog meat, but yet, who are you to comment? Look at the fried chicken thigh you are holding, foie grass you're posting, steak that you are cutting, ba kut teh that you are drinking. FTS. Who are you to say "no" to dog meat? So it's cruel to eat dog meat and not other animals? Just because chicken and rabbits and cow are so DESERVED to be eaten? Convince me.

And some say because dogs are cute and they are man best friend.

And rabbits are not cute?

Tell me again it's cruel to eat dog meat after watching this.

And today, similar question regard to dog sold for meat has crossed my timeline.

And I couldn't help myself but posted this comment.

The truth is I just want to voice my opinion. Why is people don't see the problem? 

It's obvious that the title makes certain people do a double take.  "Bought three from a wet market today.  They were being sold for their meat."

Despite whatever meat that they are choosing to sell, but it's that act of BUYING THE DOGS TO RESCUE THEM just plain stupidity? If it is a community to raise awareness of it's illegal to eat dog meat or selling dog meat, why are you buying them? In short, yes, you are rescuers, you are helping the puppies. 

But you are also encouraging more people "saving" the dogs, more dog vendors selling dog meat. These vendors will take your money and breed more puppies to sell, save 3 today, but more dogs bred and sold. Not only are there more dead dogs,  you've indirectly attracted more people to the dog meat delicacy market.

I didn't blame anybody I am just giving a perspective that people might have missed out on. So what now, we are not allow to have comment that contradicts to your ideology? 

I don't blame Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better for being so angry at my comment (I guess? With that three question marks they must be sooooooooo angry) because they are a bunch of people that love dogs. I might come out my comment blunt but look, I am telling the truth.

If you want to help the dogs and think that the dogs are poor thing being sold for their meat, go post the picture of the vendors, and not buying the dogs and giving the vendors money to breed more dogs.  

And Say Eeeeyew, what I did on my social media platform has nothing to do with you, if you want to spread the wrong ideology of buying dogs are helping them, go ahead and yeah, just saying!

And yes, now I am angry, cause people only see things on the superficial. 
So superficial I can die.

Ok some very cute chick picture to bright up my day.

Signing off. 

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