How to Achieve Shining Hair - TSUBAKI REVIEW

Stress and lack of nutrients intake does affect the hair growth and also hair shine.  But what exactly cause our hair lose the hair shine? 
Dull hair are largely due to the lost of hair melanin in our daily factors such as bathing, UV harm, chemical process like bleach and dye and etc. These has caused holes in our hair that causes irregular reflection, hence, DULL HAIR. 

But the busy routine of our daily life does not spare us enough time to visit the salon for hair treatment constantly :( , that is why hair treatment routine in home plays a crucial role! And choosing the right shampoo plays a big part! 

I was introduced to tried Tsubaki lately. I bet Tsubaki is no stranger to a lot of you girls right. Tsubaki is a hair product line from my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Shiseido. Tsubaki, means Camellia flower, is a premium hair care product that is legendary for bringing out the beauty of Japanese hair for centuries, Camellia Oil. 

And I really like it cause it smells good! 
Also, when I compare the Shampoo texture with Brand K, Brand K appear to be more liquidity, less shinning and condense compared to Tsubaki. 

Also, there are premium elements in the shampoo series which is the Camellia Oil and Arginine that has a lot of benefits

First, Arginine repairs the melanin hole and allow light to be reflected evenly, working on the INTERNAL SHININESS, and then camellia oil which has the shine sensor mechanism coats and protects the hair to improve the hair shininess and smoothness EXTERNALLY!!! Double Shininess! 

Shining hair is now possible!
Look at the difference!

The end of my hair look like this before and after the hair wash.
Not a big significant changes but you can see it is much tamed and glossed with just one shampoo.

A lot of girls know about skincare but when it comes to hair care, they totally neglect it. Especially in hot humid weather like Malaysia, our hair often exposed to harmful sunlight and also sweaty scalp. Achieving soft, moisturized, and shinning hair can become a tedious and impossible task. That's why choosing the right shampoo should be handled carefully. 

And what makes the best hair? Healthy hair the best hair!
The lustrous shine only from Tsubaki.
Thought it's a product with premium element, I personally think that the price are set at quite reasonable price. Both 550ml shampoo & conditional are set at MYR38.90.

For the treatment cream, which I personally liked the most, is set at MYR44.90.
The reason I liked it so much is because the flowery scent it leaves on my hair and as well as the very unique design of the tube.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here

Signing off!

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