I am trying to jot down all my Melbourne stories in one post, please bear with me, it's gonna be a lot of pictures, pretty pictures.

When I first reach Melbourne, the weather is just nice, cold but sunny. And we've decided to just tour around after we check into Tune hotel Melbourne (quite cheap and clean, near the town as well)

But the next minute, it rains.
Without any notice, Melbourne decided to pour. And the wind, it's terrible, it curls the leaves on the road forming a small hurricane. #nojoke.

And we were told it's first time ever the wind goes that fast.
Looks like I am really lucky the first day, they say Melbourne can have 4 seasons in a day, and I've gone through all of it on the first day.

It's so cold that my fingers froze like popsicles.
One tip for all those with low budgets but really need a tour guide, just wake up early!
Melbourne is really a beautiful city with beautiful people like this guy in green. He gives a free tour around the city but it's nice that you give him tips if you enjoyed the tour. :)

Hanging around with the tour guide with my packs. #wolfhowls

Let me take a shameless selfie.

And there is an interesting street magic show. Just remember tipping is not a must, but it's always nice to tip. Look at the poor guy standing under the sun for 2 hours just to entertain you all. :(

There is more stuff to do in Melbourne without spending a penny. Watching movie and getting a tan. It's really lovely weather and today's showing is High School Musical.  My favourite.

I really love the birds in Australia, we only have crows in Malaysia. #shame

Run around with Leon just to catch this friggin swan live. The Black Swan.

LOL I don't know what is it so nice to pose next to the dirty river but yeah, this is me, let me introduce you this smelly river but got geese and swans one <3 p="">

Not sure it's the weather or the culture, Australia never failed to surprise me. Suddenly there are horses on the road. It's so bizarre to me, I thought only Cinderella can have those. #sour #bitter #girl
Melbourne tourist spot 1. Street Art

Look ma, just woke up face.

Then we paid a visit to the National Library.
Melbourne tourist spot 2. State Library of Victoria
The wifi in the library is so strong I manage to watch a few episodes of TVB drama there. Tips for the library: bring your earphones!

Melbourne tourist spot 3. Crown Melbourne Casino
At night, Leon's aunt and uncle brought us to the casino.
And now I know why they say we have the best casino in the world, the casino here does not impress me at all and I lost 20 dollars here. #pfft.

Every 8pm (if I'm not mistaken) there's a fire throwing show and it's really cool. Something you can't find in Malaysia!
picture taken from Crown Hotel.

But it's picture worthy. It's really pretty here tho.

 You can come here for the view and ice-cream but casino part, let's go back to Genting.

If you are fit enough, go challenge yourself at 1000 steps at Kokoda Track Memorial Walk the next day.
But hell it was a lot of walk from the parking to the exact place starting my 1000 steps, I have already famished and exhausted.

But it's fun and I made it! Did not bring my camera along, so I just show you some of the pictures I got online.
 pictures taken from www.tripadvisor.com.au

Signing off. 

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