Best part about the whole Australia trip award goes to Phillip Island!
It's in Victoria, and it took us about 4 hours ride from Melbourne to reach.
Along the Great Ocean Road to Phillip Island, we managed to witness the rugged splendor of the famous Twelve Apostles!

It's so cool here so I have to hug Leon to get some warmth. #pun

Look at this!
First time I feel like I don't need a nice camera to take nice picture. It's SUCH A PHENOMENAL VIEW! The magnificent rocks stacks that rise up majestically from the coastline is such a breathtaking view.

Tourist spot 1. The Twelve Apostles

Let me have a bite.
Remember to keep yourself real warm or I will lick you like ice cream :)

Twelve Apostles is really breathtaking. I can't describe and it's something that has to be experienced.

And at one moment I thought I am at Africa. Look at the trees behind me.  


And our tour guide drove us down to the beach to take another view of the twelve apostles.

And we move on to a jungle.
And do a little jungle trekking. And you sometimes see pretty purple hair, like Leon saw.  heh!

And it's too freezing cold, I don't like it when the tour guide asks us to go down for a walk.
Cause the nearer we are to Phillip Island, I feel the chill becomes more aggressive.

We have a few stops every here and then. So we can go down and have a walk. The tour guide is awesome, it's just that it's slightly more expensive that we are paying for what we are getting.

But who cares about money when you get to see views like these.
Every stop he brought us to I am like, wow, I feel like embracing the whole environment into myself. (I don't even know how to explain this it's just like when you see super cute baby you feel like eating them? Wait, it's just me or everybody? )

And the next stop is to check out some wild Koala.
Wild Koala appeared, go pikachu!

And wild Pigeon and Pigeoto. Catch them with pokeballs but failed.
Just kidding, those parrots are crazy friendly, they are not trained!!

So Cinderella with all those friendly birds aren't a fairy tale after all.

Let's go to the zoooo naooooo!!!!!!!

Loooooooooooook OMG so near to KOALA LOVE

Feeding the wallabies.

They stink but it's alright.

I don't know why but the Llama catches my attention the most. Look at their goofy face. Their teeth are big and yellowish, and when they munch the grass you feeding, it feels ticklish!

Thereeeee thereeee Llama.

WHAT?! You don't want? COME BACKKK!

I hate people reject me you ass, have this now! *lol

And meet the one and only donkey. He is so lonely. :( 

My hair look so pretty T.T

And the white wolf. Looks like team Jacob or not, he is undeniably attractive with that white fur. Too bad, nobody is allowed to pet/talk to him.

More wallabies. And I feel so loved when he hold my hand omgomgomg

The horse and the horse-face.

The unique white wallabies who gives no fuck to me :(
I feel so lonely.................

And then I start my show when we stopped by at the beach side.

Pose 1.

Pose 2.

Pose 3.

Pose 4.

And we reach Phillip Island.

It's another wonder of God.
Those seagulls, they fly as if they are trained.
When the wind blows, they fly in a flock, and it's like a show.

The moment of bless when they fly over your head.

Check out the little penguin!!! AWWWW
A fortunate stroke of serendipity!

Look! The birds start their show again!

And the rocks sticking out like steaks.

Oh yum yum yums!

I don't see how to not take good pictures with this kind of weather and sunshine in Australia.

Look at the sunset, I am so amused. And we are going in to check out the penguins!
Can't show you all cause cameras are prohibited!

Here's a downloaded picture of the penguins.
They are really really cute.
picture taken from www.colourfultrips.com

Days past and it's closer to the end of the trip.
Leon and I mostly just do shopping in Australia mall sourcing all kind of junk food that we love and for the loved ones in Malaysia.
There's not much more of pictures but there is 1 place that we would like to introduce!

Tourist spot in Melbourne 1. The National Rhododendron Garden

Yeap, probably they don't have Sakura but it's Rhododendron is fine.

Yes, they look like this during the Spring! Remember to check out the seasons!
picture taken from www.pbase.com

This is the goofy Leon uncle.
I don't know why he like to tease me with his camera. -_____-|||


Convincing myself actually I am in Japan wtf.

I heard that those who put their legs backwards are smart people.
Sorry Leon, looks like you are the only dumb here. HEHEHEHEHEHHEHE

There goes my Australia trip.
Nothing really planned but it works well. Gotta thanks the boyfie for guiding me jakun all along T.T

Signing off!

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  1. Oh em gee. So much gorgeousness!!! :'D Your purple hair is love, babe.


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