Last Friday, I've finally fly to #Dubai. 
Okay kidding. It's Melacca. 

After snooping into Isaiah's Facebook account a few months ago, I couldn't help thinking about visiting this hidden gem in Melacca, Pantai Klebang. 
Everyone know Melacca's Klebang Coconut Shake, but not everyone been to this reclaim beach with lots of sand pile, very interesting and insta-worthy I must recommend to you fellow Instagrammer. #wootwoots

It took about 10 minutes drive from Jonker Street to Klebang Coconut Shake, and the Klebang beach is only another 5 minutes away. 
If you're heading to Pantai Klebang for the sunset, probably should hang out at Klebang Coconut Shake until 6:30pm. 

 It's quite a distance from the place where you park your car to the beach itself. It's highly recommended if you could drive a SUV or you might just end up having sinking tires like us smart people that drive a Merz #thumbs

Bring some wooden piles just for any emergency.

Pantai Klebang just like any other beaches, sun protection is a must!

And they have very interesting landscape, be sure you got the right dress code, wear the right footwear! Highly recommended on sandals. And it can be a long wait and it's dry here, make sure you have brought enough fluid for your 3 hours instagram-photoshooting session. LOL

#wootswoots We are officially on holiday!

It's the backstreet people sup! The cover for their new album.

Look, I have a penis here. Yay.
Waiting for the sun sets.

It's kind of overwhelming to witness the sun sets here.
It's wide, and clear.

There goes my weekend updates.
So happy to hang with you bunch of peeps!

Signing off 
Have a kick ass Monday!

This is a story that few people know about. Probably just me and the friend. But unfriending the friend in life is a choice that I made alone, without any notice, because judging a person at the back was never my strength. I like to do it upfront and be blunt. 

She is probably known for her pretty and innocent (well, all my friend says) but not anymore, at least for me. All the evil intentions and innuendo that you cleverly disguised it as "I am sorry but I do not mean to hurt"

And I wouldn't put the blame on you. Because it's on my account for being stupid. Once a friend told me that my biggest weakness is allowing others to see the desperation in you and taking advantage of it. I believe it now. 

Yes, you are demure. Yes, you are lovable. But yet if you choose someone over me when I needed you in my life the most where I choose you over the peak of life. I share you my darkest secret and allow you to climb with and on me, sharing you the best path heading to castle, and you ditch me over some fairies.  I know relationships are all unequal, just that I didn't expect you are presumably selfish just like them. Because I am no longer the "cool", the "shiny".

I get it now. 

I hope this blog post severs the knot that ties up our best memories in our friendship, you will be remembered but I realize that in life, there are people worth giving up, just like how you did to me once, and twice, thrice. I will not resent on how and what you did to me at my back just like all those who I have put my heart in, I will take you as a lesson in life. 

Trust me. 
I am always, and I will be always on top of a kind of breed, like you. 
Just watch and learn. 

Signing off,
Be sincere, be kind, be strong, be the one that everyone badmouthed at back but still love inside.

I guess most of us girls heard Burt's Bee before. It is an American brand known for their products that are earth friendly. I've heard it bout their range of products for lips but they have more incluidng personal care, health, beauty and hygiene.

I was tagged along by Valerie last Saturday to this workshop on how to take care our lips which seriously I have no clue on. I am a girl who is very proud on my lips as I guess other than my brows and lips, I would change everything else if I was opted for the chance. (sorry body, please don't be sad)

I wouldn't say I have the prettiest lips but I really think that moisturized lips is the key of pretty lips. No matter how pouty, how thick, how pinkish are them (lips I mean :P), chapped and dry lips just spoil the party.

The workshop held at Marini Cafe, KLCC. 

And it's full of class, and lovely tea time is served.

There goes my sugar-free diet. Couldn't resist myself having a bite or two.

I personally love the lip balm ever since the event.

We usually choose our color according to our skin tone. Usually, I am a scaredy cat to put any different colors on my lips except for my original color or bright red. Hence, I only have one lipstick from my 21st birthday gift and it's still close to brand new.

But the speaker Pauline mentioned, we could totally be a daredevil on our lips. Choose any lip color matching our outfit.
This is the lip color chart. If you have red, orange, or any other color on the right, choose a warm color on your lips and vise versa.

Tried their new range of  Lip Crayon and they smell really natural kissable.
It's moisturizing, not oily, and not sticky. It's made of natural ingredient so if you're hungry you can have a bite or two. (JUST KIDDING)

There are 6 colors in this new range:
Suitable for warm colors: 
435: Napa Vineyard 
411: Redwood Forest 
417: Niagara Overlook 

Suitable for Cold colors: 
429: Hawaiian Smolder 
423: Carolia Coast 
405: Sedona Sands 

The new range of Lip Crayon are all set at retail RM81.50. 
But "make your lip's smile" event had given me a promo code for all my readers. 

Walk in any Burt's Bee retail store and say the secret code! 


to entitle a 20% off for 
-only Burt's Bee Lips Color 
(discount till 30th Jun 2015)

Had really fun day on that itself and I've personally put on Lip Crayon 435 on my lips. 

If you really want to try on these goodies, and you don't want to spend the money...
All you have to do is answer this question in my comment box and 4 lucky girls/boys will walk away these awesome goodies!

What is the NAME of Burt's Bee Lip Crayon I put on my lips on the Burt's Bee event itself

Winner will be announced on my page HERE. So be sure that you've clicked like! :)D

Signing off
Go get lucky!

Dear all, please do not be disappointed if I was about to say this is a blog post to show my affection to my dearly dearly Chilli Sauce. After travelling to a few countries, I found that all the chilli sauce in the world, especially Heinz Chilli Sauce in Malaysia and Macdonald's Chilli Sauce in Malaysia need more love.

My devotion towards spicy is extremely high. Nothing makes my day like chilli padi does, and the chilli sauce to my french fries. *swallow saliva

Just recently, I went to a restaurant in Bangsar, a French restaurant, and ordered French Fries. I asked for chilli sauce and the waitress said the most unbelievable words that agitated me and I decided to leave without paying.

"We only have Tabasco."

That sour-ish-not-spicy-at-all liquid?
I flipped the table, and walked away from the restaurant.

I'm kidding.
So, I am so upset and had my french fries alone, the loneliest combination of food ever.

But I wasn't kidding about my devotion over chilli sauce. When I went to Australia, they did not have chilli sauce to go with my french fries too. They only have tomato sauce, and it's 50cents. #kiamsiap And I swear that if I ever go to Australia again, I will bring along chilli sauce. Nobody knows how important is the chilli sauce seriously? And same problem strikes recently. When I am in Korea, they do not have chilli sauce too! Did they just use all the chillies on their Kimchi? I bet they do.

And to those who say spicy food causes acne, cut down your animal corpse consumption puhllleasse. According to research, chilli contains vitamin C and vitamin C is good for your skin. #nuffsaid It's not like a JalapeƱo a day, but what's wrong with some spices in your diet sometimes?

Anyway, if you were have to ask me about what kind of Chilli Sauce is best recommended, I would say Heinz, for sure.  Chilli Sauce is just like a man who isn't honest about his own dick size.  A few of the chilli sauce that I have tried taste the same with my tomato sauce.

What's the point of the word written "Chilli" when it's not spicy?
I don't get that.  #hopeless.

Unlike any other Chilli Sauce, Heinz Chilli Sauce is spicy enough.
Another one I would recommended is the Macdonald's chilli sauce. But that one, is kind of hard.

Anyone know where to buy Macdonalds' Chilli Sauce? Cause I only steal them. had them when I ordered something from Macdonald's. And they are so precious usually I don't consume them all, I kept them in the fridge for special occasion.... like supper. And every time when I asked for more chilli sauce I feel like an asshole, cause the attendee will give me those rolled eyes as if I am one of those other aunties that steal sugar, salt, and coffee stirrer.

Why don't they sell them?
I don't mind paying.

Yeah. that's my devotion "letter" to chilli sauce.
Happy belated 520! LOVE YOU.

Signing off.

Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015 has officially launched!
If you are still clueless about Maybank GO Ahead Challenge, you probably missed this. But it's totally fine, because this time, it's bigger, bolder and if you were with me at their launch, it's mind blowing! The Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Pn.Nora Abdul Manaf just walked out from the helicopter. #woah 

Again, this year, there will be over USD 70,000 worth of prizes up for grab again!
There will be also internship opportunities up for grabs for winners. 

This year, there will be fresh graduates and students around 14 countries battling in this competition. 
Think you are one of them? Head over to their road shows according to this schedule to check out more information and sign up for the MGAC2015!

If you are still thinking of the WHY(s) you should join this competition: 
  • Opportunity to be in the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP)!
  • Fun and challenging at the same time.
  • Add to your resume this international experience!
  • Challenge against the high calibre competitors from diversified industries, who knows you are the winner!
 Most of all, no one goes home empty handed!

Application close in 17th May 2015.
Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015. 
Let Go to Grow! 
For more information, check out their official webpage at
Or thier official Facebook page:

Signing off!

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