Burt's Bee review & Giveaway

I guess most of us girls heard Burt's Bee before. It is an American brand known for their products that are earth friendly. I've heard it bout their range of products for lips but they have more incluidng personal care, health, beauty and hygiene.

I was tagged along by Valerie last Saturday to this workshop on how to take care our lips which seriously I have no clue on. I am a girl who is very proud on my lips as I guess other than my brows and lips, I would change everything else if I was opted for the chance. (sorry body, please don't be sad)

I wouldn't say I have the prettiest lips but I really think that moisturized lips is the key of pretty lips. No matter how pouty, how thick, how pinkish are them (lips I mean :P), chapped and dry lips just spoil the party.

The workshop held at Marini Cafe, KLCC. 

And it's full of class, and lovely tea time is served.

There goes my sugar-free diet. Couldn't resist myself having a bite or two.

I personally love the lip balm ever since the event.

We usually choose our color according to our skin tone. Usually, I am a scaredy cat to put any different colors on my lips except for my original color or bright red. Hence, I only have one lipstick from my 21st birthday gift and it's still close to brand new.

But the speaker Pauline mentioned, we could totally be a daredevil on our lips. Choose any lip color matching our outfit.
This is the lip color chart. If you have red, orange, or any other color on the right, choose a warm color on your lips and vise versa.

Tried their new range of  Lip Crayon and they smell really natural kissable.
It's moisturizing, not oily, and not sticky. It's made of natural ingredient so if you're hungry you can have a bite or two. (JUST KIDDING)

There are 6 colors in this new range:
Suitable for warm colors: 
435: Napa Vineyard 
411: Redwood Forest 
417: Niagara Overlook 

Suitable for Cold colors: 
429: Hawaiian Smolder 
423: Carolia Coast 
405: Sedona Sands 

The new range of Lip Crayon are all set at retail RM81.50. 
But "make your lip's smile" event had given me a promo code for all my readers. 

Walk in any Burt's Bee retail store and say the secret code! 


to entitle a 20% off for 
-only Burt's Bee Lips Color 
(discount till 30th Jun 2015)

Had really fun day on that itself and I've personally put on Lip Crayon 435 on my lips. 

If you really want to try on these goodies, and you don't want to spend the money...
All you have to do is answer this question in my comment box and 4 lucky girls/boys will walk away these awesome goodies!

What is the NAME of Burt's Bee Lip Crayon I put on my lips on the Burt's Bee event itself

Winner will be announced on my page HERE. So be sure that you've clicked like! :)D

Signing off
Go get lucky!

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