It's all about Instaworthy-ness

Last Friday, I've finally fly to #Dubai. 
Okay kidding. It's Melacca. 

After snooping into Isaiah's Facebook account a few months ago, I couldn't help thinking about visiting this hidden gem in Melacca, Pantai Klebang. 
Everyone know Melacca's Klebang Coconut Shake, but not everyone been to this reclaim beach with lots of sand pile, very interesting and insta-worthy I must recommend to you fellow Instagrammer. #wootwoots

It took about 10 minutes drive from Jonker Street to Klebang Coconut Shake, and the Klebang beach is only another 5 minutes away. 
If you're heading to Pantai Klebang for the sunset, probably should hang out at Klebang Coconut Shake until 6:30pm. 

 It's quite a distance from the place where you park your car to the beach itself. It's highly recommended if you could drive a SUV or you might just end up having sinking tires like us smart people that drive a Merz #thumbs

Bring some wooden piles just for any emergency.

Pantai Klebang just like any other beaches, sun protection is a must!

And they have very interesting landscape, be sure you got the right dress code, wear the right footwear! Highly recommended on sandals. And it can be a long wait and it's dry here, make sure you have brought enough fluid for your 3 hours instagram-photoshooting session. LOL

#wootswoots We are officially on holiday!

It's the backstreet people sup! The cover for their new album.

Look, I have a penis here. Yay.
Waiting for the sun sets.

It's kind of overwhelming to witness the sun sets here.
It's wide, and clear.

There goes my weekend updates.
So happy to hang with you bunch of peeps!

Signing off 
Have a kick ass Monday!

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