Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015

Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015 has officially launched!
If you are still clueless about Maybank GO Ahead Challenge, you probably missed this. But it's totally fine, because this time, it's bigger, bolder and if you were with me at their launch, it's mind blowing! The Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Pn.Nora Abdul Manaf just walked out from the helicopter. #woah 

Again, this year, there will be over USD 70,000 worth of prizes up for grab again!
There will be also internship opportunities up for grabs for winners. 

This year, there will be fresh graduates and students around 14 countries battling in this competition. 
Think you are one of them? Head over to their road shows according to this schedule to check out more information and sign up for the MGAC2015!

If you are still thinking of the WHY(s) you should join this competition: 
  • Opportunity to be in the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP)!
  • Fun and challenging at the same time.
  • Add to your resume this international experience!
  • Challenge against the high calibre competitors from diversified industries, who knows you are the winner!
 Most of all, no one goes home empty handed!

Application close in 17th May 2015.
Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015. 
Let Go to Grow! 
For more information, check out their official webpage at
Or thier official Facebook page:

Signing off!

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