My affection towards you.

Dear all, please do not be disappointed if I was about to say this is a blog post to show my affection to my dearly dearly Chilli Sauce. After travelling to a few countries, I found that all the chilli sauce in the world, especially Heinz Chilli Sauce in Malaysia and Macdonald's Chilli Sauce in Malaysia need more love.

My devotion towards spicy is extremely high. Nothing makes my day like chilli padi does, and the chilli sauce to my french fries. *swallow saliva

Just recently, I went to a restaurant in Bangsar, a French restaurant, and ordered French Fries. I asked for chilli sauce and the waitress said the most unbelievable words that agitated me and I decided to leave without paying.

"We only have Tabasco."

That sour-ish-not-spicy-at-all liquid?
I flipped the table, and walked away from the restaurant.

I'm kidding.
So, I am so upset and had my french fries alone, the loneliest combination of food ever.

But I wasn't kidding about my devotion over chilli sauce. When I went to Australia, they did not have chilli sauce to go with my french fries too. They only have tomato sauce, and it's 50cents. #kiamsiap And I swear that if I ever go to Australia again, I will bring along chilli sauce. Nobody knows how important is the chilli sauce seriously? And same problem strikes recently. When I am in Korea, they do not have chilli sauce too! Did they just use all the chillies on their Kimchi? I bet they do.

And to those who say spicy food causes acne, cut down your animal corpse consumption puhllleasse. According to research, chilli contains vitamin C and vitamin C is good for your skin. #nuffsaid It's not like a JalapeƱo a day, but what's wrong with some spices in your diet sometimes?

Anyway, if you were have to ask me about what kind of Chilli Sauce is best recommended, I would say Heinz, for sure.  Chilli Sauce is just like a man who isn't honest about his own dick size.  A few of the chilli sauce that I have tried taste the same with my tomato sauce.

What's the point of the word written "Chilli" when it's not spicy?
I don't get that.  #hopeless.

Unlike any other Chilli Sauce, Heinz Chilli Sauce is spicy enough.
Another one I would recommended is the Macdonald's chilli sauce. But that one, is kind of hard.

Anyone know where to buy Macdonalds' Chilli Sauce? Cause I only steal them. had them when I ordered something from Macdonald's. And they are so precious usually I don't consume them all, I kept them in the fridge for special occasion.... like supper. And every time when I asked for more chilli sauce I feel like an asshole, cause the attendee will give me those rolled eyes as if I am one of those other aunties that steal sugar, salt, and coffee stirrer.

Why don't they sell them?
I don't mind paying.

Yeah. that's my devotion "letter" to chilli sauce.
Happy belated 520! LOVE YOU.

Signing off.

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