You are unfriended.


This is a story that few people know about. Probably just me and the friend. But unfriending the friend in life is a choice that I made alone, without any notice, because judging a person at the back was never my strength. I like to do it upfront and be blunt. 

She is probably known for her pretty and innocent (well, all my friend says) but not anymore, at least for me. All the evil intentions and innuendo that you cleverly disguised it as "I am sorry but I do not mean to hurt"

And I wouldn't put the blame on you. Because it's on my account for being stupid. Once a friend told me that my biggest weakness is allowing others to see the desperation in you and taking advantage of it. I believe it now. 

Yes, you are demure. Yes, you are lovable. But yet if you choose someone over me when I needed you in my life the most where I choose you over the peak of life. I share you my darkest secret and allow you to climb with and on me, sharing you the best path heading to castle, and you ditch me over some fairies.  I know relationships are all unequal, just that I didn't expect you are presumably selfish just like them. Because I am no longer the "cool", the "shiny".

I get it now. 

I hope this blog post severs the knot that ties up our best memories in our friendship, you will be remembered but I realize that in life, there are people worth giving up, just like how you did to me once, and twice, thrice. I will not resent on how and what you did to me at my back just like all those who I have put my heart in, I will take you as a lesson in life. 

Trust me. 
I am always, and I will be always on top of a kind of breed, like you. 
Just watch and learn. 

Signing off,
Be sincere, be kind, be strong, be the one that everyone badmouthed at back but still love inside.

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