Last week, it's Mediviron UOA big day! They have winged out an excellent clinic -Nexus Clinic. I've been blessed to witness the Mediviron UOA aesthetics team work for their patient before aesthetic treatments became a hot topic in Malaysia, and I must say they are a top-notch aesthetic center situated in the heart of KL city.

I was invited to Nexus Clinic "birth" party. This new clinic designs look professional with just a touch of elegance. I love their new clinic already!

Meeting the medical director.

It was a very fruitful and informative day. I'm very grateful to have been invited to the opening to witness how professional aesthetics treatments can be personalized. It's customized to your needs as aesthetics are not just science and medical procedures but as well as art, wellness and beauty.   

After the "fruity" Easy123 Health drink served, we went on an adventurous and fun show-and-tell live demo courtesy of the aesthetics doctors at Nexus clinic. (HAHA so drama)
Basically it's just the doctors explaining the services and treatments available in Nexus Clinic.  

The signature treatment and current promotion is for the Zeltiq Cool Sculpting. 
It's an alternative for liposuction. The non invasive, non-surgical procedure is an FDA approved body contouring treatment. Basically this is a treatment that helps you lose stubborn fat and tones your body. No anesthesia or surgery.

There's no downtime and no harm to the skin. 
This device is cool. Sucking your fats and toning down you body. 
However, the result is not immediate. 

Continuing on to the  machine below, the device provides pigmentation, acne scar treatment, also, face rejuvenation. 
It's surprising that one machine can do so many wonders. 

Also, 2 lucky bloggers were given injectable dermal fillers for free. 
And guess what! I am one of the lucky ones! HUHUHU (THANKS GUANYINMAJESUSALLAH) 
And I've always wanted a nose enhancement and I did a lot of research. Nexus Clinic is using the branded and credible filler- Juverderm. There are a lot clinics out there using uncertified fillers and they can cause undesirable side effects so be really sure what they put in to your body! 

Dermal fillers are also known as hyaluronic acid fillers can also be used to create plumper lips, sharper chins, smooth and reduce wrinkles and lines.
I will follow up another blog post on my nose enhancement treatment.

Winners for the game section and lucky draw. Also, the best dressed.

 Group Photo for group3-POWAH! haha! 

New friends Adrian, Evan and me&my new nose bridge.

Cecilia, Ivy and me!

Joan and me.

Nexus Clinic is currently having the Facelift and Hari Raya Promotion until end of July! You can now look good during Raya for your non muslim friends. Don't lose the opportunity. Go for the free consultation and before you do any procedure, you can always ask beforehand!

Nexus Clinic 
LG10 Wisma UOA II
No 21, Jalan Pinang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-21635699

Signing off,
Go be beautiful! :D















When it comes to street food, I am the number one fan.
I have a few bad experiences puking because of overeats.

Due to exam period clashes with the Ramadan last year, I didn't pay a visit to the famous TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) Ramadan bazaar :(

And finally! The bazaar is back, after the long wait!
I am here at last at the Ramadan Bazaar at TTDI.
I've never been to a bazaar alone and I really don't know what to buy, Malaysian surviving rule no.1, follow the queue!

This popiah has the longest queue ever. It's only 3:45, and the queue is not moving even at 4:05, not even a bit. So I decided to give up.

I go for another popiah stall with no queue.
Apparently the fried popiah doesn't taste good. Too hard and taste "lapuk"
But looks appealing tho.

 Nasi Briyani JOHOR.
This Nasi Briyani is kind of tasty. But at the moment when I thought of the price and the amount, I bleed.
Do the Nasi really fly in from Johor? Even the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak with a fried chicken only cost RM9.

But taste wise, it's a 6.8/10.
Good try!

 Oh. Inilah best.
This is the most satisfying bazaar haul of the day, the Kambing Bakar (BBQ Lamb)
Despite the portion is super super small. but the taste scores a 8.5 out of 10 from me. The sauce is very refreshing and just nice. Try to work on the portion bro.

In most bazaars, I personally quite enjoy this one. Cause it's not that crowded. Not too sure if it's just still early. But still, look at all the space!

Ordered Ayam Percik Kuah Kacang. Didn't impress me that much tho 6.5/10. But the price is reasonable, with lots of kuah kacang. Very generous!

 This is another amazing one. Despite the long queue, it's a fast moving one. This is the Pulut udang. Basically it is some sambal prawn with glutinous rice. Very interesting because it's the first time I tried the HOT (in temperature) one. Usually the Nasi Lemak stall will sell, but it's usually very very oily and cold. And one is only 60 sen!

Feel like trying this Bakar-dont-know-what. Reason probably is the attendant is a hipster melayo! (Not the fly emirates t-shirt guy ok)

And suprisingly this Ministry of Fish Head Curry caught my attention. But they smell like something very Arabic, and I don't really like that. Not to mention they are quite loud and crude. (why am I having so much thoughts over a bazaar? I dont know. )

 BEST BEST! Must buy!
This is the really yums yums Putu Piring. What are the ingredients I'm not sure, but the sweetness of the gula melaka is very very addictive! 8.5/10!

 I didn't take the picture of it but the murtabak from Sue is also very nice! Go check out her stall! 8/10!
Getting ready to dig in!

Look at the poor portion of the Kambing Bakar.

Dear all who are going to fast or for those who are fasting, please do take care of yourselves. I witnessed a woman who queued in front of me who fainted and when she woke up the next 2 minutes, she said she did't even realize it. She is only alright because there are people with her at that time. Imagine if she fainted on the road.

For me, fasting is about self control, discipline, and it's also a law in Malaysia as a Malay. However, if you are eating like a buffalo with zero control, your body could not take a sudden change in dietary habits. Please consider your own health, you can always replace your fasting month another time if it's going to affect your health! Know your limits!

Signing off,
Happy Puasa-ing!
I was about to delete these, they don't belong to me now, but they belonged to me in the past.
I don't want to see them in my Facebook anymore but funny I've decided to put them in my blog. Okay I am weird.

Don't judge, because we all been young. Except for the being pretty, I got that all the time. DON'T JUDGE, because this is my blog and you're suppose to agree with what I say! They are true, in my world.

Picture 1:
Funny how when I got my hair dyed dark brown and I used to hate it but when I look back, It's so pretty! SCREW you whoever that instill this "purple hair is cool" mindset in me. And yes I have a pair of really small ears.

Picture 2:
This is probably the cutest picture of mine when I was a kid.
I grew up with a very different rhythm of my own big world. I usually would take a picture with my eyes half close or tongue sticking out (which I have no idea why I am still alive? My mother really, loves me so so much)
And I wondered how my mother became so talented taking pictures back then because this angle makes me look so tall... and slim. Talking bout a low angle yeah!

Picture 3:
Can you believe one can sprain her own pair of legs? I am talking about both of the legs.
You have to imagine how can one sprain both of her legs then you must think I am genius.
First, I sprained my left leg which I really have no idea how. ( I think is the heels) And, after getting the chinese acupuncture and masseur, my left foot is too painful and I couldn't rely on only one leg. I tried jumping from the stairs to reach downstairs (cause I am very impatient) and #wootwoots I caught myself landing on the side of my foot instead of the sole. Yeap. Cry in tears and I'm officially handicapped for 2 months back then.

Picture 4:
This is one of my proud art pieces.
I really like art class because that's the only thing I do best in class. This is a 14 years old class exam. I am only 12 when I drew this. Yeap. This is my first #cheat exam.

Picture 5:
What is more broken than a broken piece of cup and spoon that your most-loved-ex-bf gave you? I took a picture back then because I was forced to throw it away but I laugh now because I can't believe I kept this picture for so long.

Picture 6:
I begged my mom to pay someone to electroshock me with needles.
Wow.I am really serious about getting slim without working out. Too bad, this acupuncture slimming does not work on me, at all.

Picture 7:
This is probably the first branded bag that I love. Too bad I am always too broke for something branded.

Picture 8:
Not ashamed to tell this is the guy that I used to so crazy about. This is also the guy who got me the cup in picture 5 and also a floor of broken heart pieces and broken pieces of mine.

Picture 9:
Probably the best friend I ever had. She always remind me not to trip over myself and she is probably the reason I survived in Pre-university. See how she remind me to play games when I poop and eat some bones? Love it.

I think when my mom delivered me, she never expected that I would look and act like a boy. 
But then she probably thought that photoshop and technology will help me figure out myself 20 years later. Lol. 

Signing off.
Woops. Still alive. Still kick-ass!
Cheapskate like me loves travel. So I went to Malacca last month and came back satisfied.
You don't have to travel far, but it's a must to gain new experience with every travel.

So this time my budget is less than RM100, but I realized it's actually very very feasible. In fact we did it in RM50 ~ RM60. I bet you can do better than me. 
To travel around with low budget, there are a few things to take note: 
1st: Travel with friends.  
2nd: Bring a backpack carrying your needed fluid.
3rd: Know your goal.

Check 1, check 2, check 3! 
We've been to Malacca before hence we are not aiming for fancy dining! This time we are there for the Sunset in Klebang! Detailed post here.

So to save some money on breakfast and lunch, I prepared something for everyone!
Cost: Less than RM2!

Douchefriends? Check!
First stop need to go to this square and have the yummy yummy Durian Cendol.
Melacca Best Trip

And then take some pictures.
Melacca Best Trip

Go hang at some cafe with air cond to have a snack, RM6.90.
Melacca Best Trip

Take pictures - FREE.
Melacca Best Trip

Lunch settle at Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia 13 States' Coffees is a MUST.
They have the best Nyonya food but price wise can be expensive, but for the portion, totally worth it! -RM20 roughly.
Melacca Best Trip

Take a picture because it's FREE.
Melacca Best Nyonya dish

Walk around- FREE as well.
Thirsty? Drink your own water.
Melacca Best street art

Malacca has a lot of interesting artsy walls.
It's definitely worth it to explore. Might not be as famous as the street art from Penang, but it can be very hipster and insta-worthy as well.
Melacca Best Street Art

Like this?
Melacca Best Street Art

Or.... Never mind.
Melacca Best Street Art

Hello ah moi.
Melacca Best Street Art

One of the most fascinating scense from Malacca that I love is the dedication of the old generation still doing everything from scratch such as the very historical scenes like the old barber shop. Did not capture it but it's really nice.
Melacca Best Historical Scene

And the sunshine makes all your pictures look super great.
Melacca Best Trip

Well, I guess Malaysia has good scenery too?
Melacca Best Trip

Take a groupie!
Melacca Best Trip

And you gotta hang around to experience this historical place.
Melacca Best Trip

Melacca Best Trip

After having the Famous Amos Coconut milk shake at Klebang, then we head to Pantai Klebang for the sunset.
Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Signing off,
Such a wonderful place.
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