7 Reasons Why You're Still Single - Man!


There are a lot of unknowns in this world and there are no scientific explanations on it. One of the most common questions would be : Why the fuck I am still single? Well, it's mystery. But, I've sorta sort out some of the possible answers from what I see in single-male-friends around me. 

These question probably revolves around all the single guys, or probably not. I did some observation and conversational research with some of the single guys, my guy friends, and and my boyfriend (he's been single for SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many years before we're together), I have come out some conclusions that why you are single, still single, so single. But it's from the point of view of a woman, like me. These are probably the reason(s) that I wouldn't date you, it may or may not be applicable to you.

You are out of shape.
Guys, always remember. If you are out of shape, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Yes most girls wouldn't want a super skinny boyfriend. But no matter what size you are, don't let those fats bounce on every inch of your skin. For health sakes or aesthetic wise, a fit guy or a guy that does sports is quite impressive and extra charming. You don't have to be super muscular, but a guy who play sports or hits the gym is always more attractive then a guy who only knows how to do the finger exercise in front of their computer!

Forget about Gotham! God damn it! (picture source from google image)

Your looks seems to be the problem.
I am not saying that you are ugly in fact most girls don't date super handsome guys too. I am saying that probably your hairstyle, your face condition or your dressing code seems not appealing to the ladies that are available right now. If you are in your 20s to 30s, I guess you would want to date a lady aged about the same. But if you keep wearing something from your dad's closet or the hairstyle that is still stuck with Aaron Kwok or Andy Lau era, bet you won't be getting any chicks but you're getting the attention from the hens. HAHA.
Leon has this hairstyle the longest time FHL (picture source from google image)

I've seen guys who has skin conditions like the strawberry surface at their 20s and it really does affect how we girls see you. They say looks is not important but that not applicable to those who look gross. I guess everyone that has skin condition problem or BO should really seek aid from the aesthetic clinics, get them treated bro!

Strawberry surface on your face. #wow (picture source from google image)

I am not saying that you have to be the most fancy and up to date on fashion to get a date or hitched but it's appealing to be clean and wearing something that matches with your age.  You will get the hang of it.

You gotta make the first move.
Even these days, we girls no longer have to wait for the guys to make the first move but it would be nice if you are the gentleman. Every girl dreams to be a princess in the relationship but does that mean you have to be the prince? No. You have to be the butler.

It doesn't kill to hold the door for us or pull the seat. If you open a car door for a girl, you opened her mind and heart ;) But you don't have to do that in front of mamak la.

(picture source from google image)

Too much. That's for the handicapped.

You are just too picky!
You have to admit that you, yourself doesn't look as perfect as what you wish on your significant partner. There's no one in this world is perfect so why don't you stop looking? There is this problem I find in some guys, there are just over confident over what they have and who they are. And they start to pick.

Too tall, too fat, too small, too bold, too talkative, too quiet, too materialistic, too shy, too this and too that and guess what bro, she's TAKEN. A lot of people they are not comfortable on the first meeting, why not try to be friends first? There are probably some unexplored potential....

Too stingy and calculative
Guys that being calculative over everything and anything can be only be seen as a good father. period.
Let's not talk about the money because I don't want to start into a debate on that girls are too materialistic. I am saying, how can guys start up these relationship killer questions "Remember last time......"


So, guys with a book recording of how many times they treat a girl well should realize that this is not an FD. There is no promise 3% repayment ok!

You have bad reputation
Well, no bad testimonials is a good start. Mostly people wont bother telling others about good stuff cause everyone just want to gossip about the scandalous story. It's funny that even the world can be big but everyone's circle can be so tiny! You are a pervert and you thought you can get over of it? We girls do talk about you, trust me. We just pretend we don't know those boxes of condoms you hide in your glove compartment :)

You are a social media SLUT
I believe most guys that are really active on social media, especially those who constantly comment on girls picture saying "pretty", liking pictures of different girls all over the internet. Man, you are going to get a relationship, with the girl name Social Media.

Hence bros, I must say, making your social media flirt go public, is not a good choice.

Signing off,

Go mingle!

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