Bifesta Remover Review

If make up was safe and able to stay on my face forever, I wouldn't really bother taking them off. 
But I love my make up on my face is because it looks good, but it's not good to stay on for too long. Our skin needs a break from them. 

But making up is already tedious to apply and I wouldn't want to do it every day if I can help it especially when I think about the additional process that I have to go through after makeup removal.  It's a long day already! 

Today I am going to review Bifesta make up remover. This range of make up remover claims to have 4 benefits: 
1. Quick and effective
2. Caters to different skin type
3. Clean and moisturized skin 
And of course removes make up and dirt

So there, I challenge whether Bifesta make up remover works wonders in my life.

Challenge 1
Day Make Up: 

For removing my day look, I am using the BIFESTA Cleansing Lotion Moist as I have dry skin.  

The outcome is pretty amazing as it is not sticky at all and my face remained fresh and moist. 
This is because this range of make up remover caters for different skin types and this one I am using contains adsorptive Hyaluronic Acid hence the moisturizing effect. 
I like the packaging as well for this make up remover as it is quite elegant and Japan-ish. 

 There must be one that suits your skin type.

 And my favorite is the BIFESTA Water Based make up remover cotton wipes! It's indefinably easy and fast. Saves time for my lazy bum!!  

And it comes with a lid. The mechanism of the lid seals the cotton wipes properly unlike the sticker seal that wears out after some time.

My challenge on Night Look:
After coming back from party I just want to sleep and not be hassled. I don't even want to think about putting on moisturizers!

I am ready for bed!  

Reason to love the cotton wipes: 
It is very moisturizing and it can replace your moisturizing in just two steps. Just CLEAN and SLEEP! Oh and one box contains 46 sheets.  All Bifesta products are colorant free, oil free,and fragrance free.  How could you not love it!!!  

Not to mention that the cotton wipes from BIFESTA are really soft, and it does not irritate my eyes even if I have contact lens on. 

I really feel that this product worth sharing to all my readers so here is a little giveaway for those who want to try. I am giving a way 2 bottles of BIFESTA Cleansing lotion! Simply comment below what you think that amazes you the most about BIFESTA any product and you can walk away 1 bottle for free! 

Signing off!
Be lucky!!! :D  

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  1. It never leave the oily feeling like how other cleansing water does and yet, it still manage to clear off all my makeup !

    Mabel :)

  2. I love bifesta makeup remover especially the textures and the good effects and I love it is totally not oily but still can remove well as my skin condition is dry but using this still can keep my skin moisture and keep it clean

  3. Awesome awesome!! I love bifesta make up remover as it won't leave those sticky feeling on my skin. Love it ♥

  4. Hi, thank you mabelpanda, Eriol and SuHee for participating the contest! Please email your name, phone number and address to for me to send in your giveaway! thanks!


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