Cheapskate travels- Malacca

Cheapskate like me loves travel. So I went to Malacca last month and came back satisfied.
You don't have to travel far, but it's a must to gain new experience with every travel.

So this time my budget is less than RM100, but I realized it's actually very very feasible. In fact we did it in RM50 ~ RM60. I bet you can do better than me. 
To travel around with low budget, there are a few things to take note: 
1st: Travel with friends.  
2nd: Bring a backpack carrying your needed fluid.
3rd: Know your goal.

Check 1, check 2, check 3! 
We've been to Malacca before hence we are not aiming for fancy dining! This time we are there for the Sunset in Klebang! Detailed post here.

So to save some money on breakfast and lunch, I prepared something for everyone!
Cost: Less than RM2!

Douchefriends? Check!
First stop need to go to this square and have the yummy yummy Durian Cendol.
Melacca Best Trip

And then take some pictures.
Melacca Best Trip

Go hang at some cafe with air cond to have a snack, RM6.90.
Melacca Best Trip

Take pictures - FREE.
Melacca Best Trip

Lunch settle at Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia 13 States' Coffees is a MUST.
They have the best Nyonya food but price wise can be expensive, but for the portion, totally worth it! -RM20 roughly.
Melacca Best Trip

Take a picture because it's FREE.
Melacca Best Nyonya dish

Walk around- FREE as well.
Thirsty? Drink your own water.
Melacca Best street art

Malacca has a lot of interesting artsy walls.
It's definitely worth it to explore. Might not be as famous as the street art from Penang, but it can be very hipster and insta-worthy as well.
Melacca Best Street Art

Like this?
Melacca Best Street Art

Or.... Never mind.
Melacca Best Street Art

Hello ah moi.
Melacca Best Street Art

One of the most fascinating scense from Malacca that I love is the dedication of the old generation still doing everything from scratch such as the very historical scenes like the old barber shop. Did not capture it but it's really nice.
Melacca Best Historical Scene

And the sunshine makes all your pictures look super great.
Melacca Best Trip

Well, I guess Malaysia has good scenery too?
Melacca Best Trip

Take a groupie!
Melacca Best Trip

And you gotta hang around to experience this historical place.
Melacca Best Trip

Melacca Best Trip

After having the Famous Amos Coconut milk shake at Klebang, then we head to Pantai Klebang for the sunset.
Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Melacca Best Trip Pantai Klebang

Signing off,
Such a wonderful place.

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