Ramadan Bazaar at TTDI

When it comes to street food, I am the number one fan.
I have a few bad experiences puking because of overeats.

Due to exam period clashes with the Ramadan last year, I didn't pay a visit to the famous TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) Ramadan bazaar :(

And finally! The bazaar is back, after the long wait!
I am here at last at the Ramadan Bazaar at TTDI.
I've never been to a bazaar alone and I really don't know what to buy, Malaysian surviving rule no.1, follow the queue!

This popiah has the longest queue ever. It's only 3:45, and the queue is not moving even at 4:05, not even a bit. So I decided to give up.

I go for another popiah stall with no queue.
Apparently the fried popiah doesn't taste good. Too hard and taste "lapuk"
But looks appealing tho.

 Nasi Briyani JOHOR.
This Nasi Briyani is kind of tasty. But at the moment when I thought of the price and the amount, I bleed.
Do the Nasi really fly in from Johor? Even the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak with a fried chicken only cost RM9.

But taste wise, it's a 6.8/10.
Good try!

 Oh. Inilah best.
This is the most satisfying bazaar haul of the day, the Kambing Bakar (BBQ Lamb)
Despite the portion is super super small. but the taste scores a 8.5 out of 10 from me. The sauce is very refreshing and just nice. Try to work on the portion bro.

In most bazaars, I personally quite enjoy this one. Cause it's not that crowded. Not too sure if it's just still early. But still, look at all the space!

Ordered Ayam Percik Kuah Kacang. Didn't impress me that much tho 6.5/10. But the price is reasonable, with lots of kuah kacang. Very generous!

 This is another amazing one. Despite the long queue, it's a fast moving one. This is the Pulut udang. Basically it is some sambal prawn with glutinous rice. Very interesting because it's the first time I tried the HOT (in temperature) one. Usually the Nasi Lemak stall will sell, but it's usually very very oily and cold. And one is only 60 sen!

Feel like trying this Bakar-dont-know-what. Reason probably is the attendant is a hipster melayo! (Not the fly emirates t-shirt guy ok)

And suprisingly this Ministry of Fish Head Curry caught my attention. But they smell like something very Arabic, and I don't really like that. Not to mention they are quite loud and crude. (why am I having so much thoughts over a bazaar? I dont know. )

 BEST BEST! Must buy!
This is the really yums yums Putu Piring. What are the ingredients I'm not sure, but the sweetness of the gula melaka is very very addictive! 8.5/10!

 I didn't take the picture of it but the murtabak from Sue is also very nice! Go check out her stall! 8/10!
Getting ready to dig in!

Look at the poor portion of the Kambing Bakar.

Dear all who are going to fast or for those who are fasting, please do take care of yourselves. I witnessed a woman who queued in front of me who fainted and when she woke up the next 2 minutes, she said she did't even realize it. She is only alright because there are people with her at that time. Imagine if she fainted on the road.

For me, fasting is about self control, discipline, and it's also a law in Malaysia as a Malay. However, if you are eating like a buffalo with zero control, your body could not take a sudden change in dietary habits. Please consider your own health, you can always replace your fasting month another time if it's going to affect your health! Know your limits!

Signing off,
Happy Puasa-ing!

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  1. is it everyday having? or weekly based? thank you!

  2. @maple hi maple! I think it's a everyday thing. :) But it only last for a month until Raya it will end.

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