Wonderland Fantasy Tour 2015

Two weeks ago the HongKee in me brought me to KL Live Wonderland Fantasy Tour 2015. This is for the sake of DJ Eva T and 24Herbs.

That night at that party I saw a lot of familiar faces. 
And also my familiar drink. loll

24Herbs and this fellow blocking my shoot. Now my picture become very artsy hor.

Featuring Steaphanie Cheng! She is so gorgeous!

And of course your DJ Eva T.

And lots of sexiness from Hazel Tong.

 The pretty champagne girls.

The night for me ended pretty early because I thought the jockey will charge me by hour rates. I must be drunk.

 And then there is this spot the hot girls contest. Apparently I am not wanted... :( (see there is no laser on me then you know)

Great night out with the blog-girls. That's the update

Good night!
Thank you KL Live and Wonderland 2015 for the ticket! 

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