When I spoke to my friends about my trip to Bukit Tinggi, I was literally shamed as they say that they were there a few years ago.

Little did they know I was there mainly for their resort. If you want to be a princess for a day or two in a castle, probably you can go The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort. I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical as well at first, but it was totally mind blowing experience.

Both me and Leon are SO SPOILED with the service here, it was not cheap, but trust me, the service here deserves way more praise than what we paid.

We were brought to check in in a nice lounge, and then we headed to explore their nail salon. 

Everything here so ATAS!

Chandelier as well of course.


Even the hallway to toilet convinced me that I am a princess.

Mirror mirror on the wall! Who's the fairest of dem all!

What I love about resorts is they take care about every detail. But this resort is just too much!
They can even fold my toilet roll for me! #teared

The food, chocolate, cakes here are very much French, and as well as organic. Also,  this castle is built around the French Village, hence the artsy fancy wall for me to OOTD.

Also, in our room:
Got free fruits. Super sweet and they are organic! #aunty

Free organic tea also leh.... organic sugar, creamer, all free!!!!
Ok la I admit I damn #aunty la

Then we hop into a Benz that chauffeur us around Bukit Tinggi.
Day 1 we decided to visit the Japanese Village, which is about 5 minutes drive away before we swim in our very own castle pool! Can't wait.

There's quite some climb to reach the Japanese Tea House and you can also rent Kimono here!
The view here was really good and the pond is full of Koi fishes. So japs!

Managed to climb on the slippery rocks and take myself a decent picture.

Also, visited the little Japanese hut.

Then Leon and I tried on their Kimonos.
Don't we really look like Japs please, we are from Japan.


Also, we walked around a little garden that has beautiful flowers.
It's like going back to Cameron Highlands.

Just to prove that I'm really flexi. HAHA

Basically the Japanese village has only 1 restaurant and it can be really expensive. Imagine Edaname priced at RM18.
We spent a good 3 hours there, any more than that would be boring. We took lot of pictures then we got back to our resort for the pool session.
And what's cool is that there is a restaurant just next to the pool!

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE their pool. Especially the stone path in the middle, so much calling for a pool party!

The pool experience is out of this world.  Usually I have to go get the towels at the counter, but no, here they bring the towels to you.  I can just lay here for days.

Or floating for days below. The sunshine was just right, I'm spoiled.

With them serving hot crispy fries with ice cold beer just next to the pool, I think I'm in heaven.

This is the look the hotel.  They use real solid stone to build the walls!  No cheap knockoff plastic.

After that, I'm famished so we ordered room service. Because it's only RM3 extra for each item, so I am like  "I am so lazy! Please order room service"

His choice: Beer with Burger. Simply awesome, the matured cheddar cheese and self-made organic bun are like the perfect match! Juicy beef burger patties, oh yums.

My choice: White wine with probably the most crispy salmon skin I've ever had. However, I think this made the salmon slightly overcooked. Oh well, can't have the best of both world sometimes.

In every hotel room, they have a bath tub. Theirs are well taken care of. Very clean. 

After dinner, I had my white wine in my bubble bath. So crazy! 
It was a really good sleep that night, maybe I should really get a bath tub in house. 

The next morning:
We had the complimentary buffet breakfast and look at the purple chairs! My heart melted.

Although it is a buffet, as I told you before, this resort's goal probably is "treat all the customers like royals" Even the buffet dishes are served!

It's like the unlimited all you can grab,all you can eat buffet meals, but instead you just sit there, and we will get it for you!

Fruits shooter?

Also they have really good pastries and all the juices here are organic!

All the edibles here are organic unless you're told otherwise.

We are eating with this view probably.

So we checked out after that cause we are heading the French Town!

...which is just next door. haha.

Love my stay at The Chateau, I really want to bring back home their pool with the fries and beer of course.


Playing with the very amiable geese.

Taking pictures with more castles.

 Overall it was a really nice stay.
Thanks snow white! #whyyousofair

Signing off!

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