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We are all familiar with online shopping, and it's so easy to compare prices. A while back all my friends went crazy over Korean beauty and make up products, I rationally thought that it would have be just another useless trend that won't last.  I've changed my mind as last month I visited Korea, I was totally blown away.

Their beauty products are very very advanced.

A lot of my girlfriends seem to at least have one of these two Korean products: Laneige water sleeping mask or Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. After I used all the masks I bought from Korea, I was thinking is "I NEED RESTOCK THESE KOREAN GOODIES."

At last I jump onto the Hermo bandwagon. Short description: Hermo is an online platform selling products to Korean beauty junkies. So I ordered alot of masks from Hermo.

Soon thereafter, I received an invitation to shop on Althea's beta version Korean product website, and I am SO AMAZED by their prices. It's almost the same from buying in Korea. So I bought more Korean beauty products.

Also, I have to mention Althea has really pretty beauty boxes!!! It's in pink... dafuk. Take all my money!!!

So CHEAP I did a comparison chart of Hermo and Althea for you all. #best_blogger_award2015 haha

Another price comparison: 

Although Althea can be so much cheaper, they take longer to ship the item because it's direct from Korea, Whereby Hermo carries Korea beauty products (eg.the masks that I bought) in their own stores and is not direct from Korea (not sure about other products). I actually think that there's a difference between manufactured from abroad and manufactured in Korea products (made in Korea DOES made difference). However, if you are in rush, Althea might not be the choice. 

However, Althea carries less selection from Hermo, which is the downside. :( 
Perhaps it's because Althea is still new. And I also hate the fact that they use TAqBin as their courier service. (cause I have poor experience with that courier service)

Anyways, I just want to say that it's like the mantra for all the Asian women to get bouncy fair skin, and Korean women have become the type of women we look up to aesthetically. So if you want to get some Korea beauty products online, now you've more platforms to choose your products from! 

Signing off, thanks for reading my review. 
Be beautiful!

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