OJO Coffee in Bangsar

I like hot coffee on a hot day. It's a weird habit because I love how the aroma of a hot Americano inundates and floods my nose with the little chemical particles and the hot liquid burning my tongue.  

It can be like love, such as deciding to wear the pants on that day. 
It's like you might be the one wearing the pants but I'm the one that deciding it. Geddit geddit? 
Yes. it is not related. hah!

Having a coffee date on a weekday is love. Because you own the whole freaking coffee shop. 
Go away you crowds!

Ojo Coffee serves some selection on cakes. 
Not a wide selection but they have most of the classic tastes like Tiramisu and whatever chocolate or cheese. (cannot run away from these anyway)

As usual, Black Americano for me. 

Latte for her. 

 The best thing about OJO Coffee is there's alot of plug connectors. Best place to have a coffee and do work on your laptop or studies. You can charge your phone almost everywhere. 

The whole Ojo Coffee house is very woody and cozy. The design is definitely modern yet chic. 
However, one thing I don't like about Ojo Coffee is their coffee. They serve Indonesia coffee beans which has a different aroma from what I prefer. 

If you are not peticular on your coffee smell, or if you like Indonesian coffee beans, you can try them out. They sell coffee containers too. 

As well as coffee beans. 
That's all for Ojo Coffee.

Featuring coffee hipsters of the day. Ash and Vincent. 

ME lah. 

No.23, Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru , Bangsar, 
Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 03-22842005
Website: http://www.ojocoffee.com/

Waze route press here.

Signing off, 
Oklah bye, have fun!

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