Our First Meet.

I've barely talked about my boyfriend if you noticed. That's because I'm taking care the feelings of the single communities. #win

One reason why is because I never wanted to be that girl who arguing on social media anymore. My bf is barely on the social media platform. (If you see him online, that's me. Because I want to like my own status. #foreveralone #justkidding #fineit'sthetruth #nowyoureconfused #HAHA #seriousimkidding #not #ok

Because my relationship does not require any extra audience to judge, that's high school. However, today I think I should talk about my boyfriend for a bit, because sometimes there's exceptions. 

3 years ago around this time we met each another in an event by the pool. I've never knew he could make such a drastic change in my life, not a cliff hanger but more like a story twist. I didn't think to jot it down, but I want to jot it down so that from now on, my story is ours, so both story versions can synchronize. Anyway, he doen't bother to remember, cause it's too awkward.

Our first conversation is awkward.
It's by the pool. There's a party going on and I'm looking for some clues (stickers) for some hide and seek game. It's awesome but, I am just not that desperate so I just stay nearby the bar and pretend looking under the bar tables (cause there's fan and aircond haha)

Then there's this intimidating guy sitting on a high chair asked me "what are you looking for?/are you looking for something?"(can't remember exactly) when I passed by his table. I don't know if it's the weather or what. But I remember I am pissed for no reason, maybe he sound like kinda arrogant or something. When I looked up, immediately I don't hate him anymore. HAHA. Ok la,I think he's kindda good looking that time, quite cute. YES, I AM SUPERFICIAL SO WHAT.

first picture we took. no judging. kthxbye

Then we started to talk and at that time I am moving on from a break up.
He wasn't a funny guy nor checked any attribute on my list for our first meet up, except for the looks. HAHA
But I remember he has this funny friend named Gin who came and gave "testimonials" for this friend, and Timothy came and said the same like " Oh Leon is a good guy you know blah blah blah". I was in this awkward moment but I will never reject the chance to be friends with another cute guy. (who will?)

So. He wanted to asked for the number.... But he keep on going off track and never took his phone out of his pocket.

Until, I was about to leave, and I'm kindda impatient....
"SO, you want my number or what?" Then immediately he took out his phone and say "yeah yeah. what's your number!"

Yeap. That's our first meeting.
And I never thought that he would become so important to me. Never thought that I would fall because he is not my type actually.... Guess there's no "type"when you fall in love.

It's been 3 years since the day we met. Congratulation Leon. You still have me, and I will continue annoyed the hell out of you. Cheesy enough, I love you!

Signing off,

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  1. wow. interesting! :D its fate haha

  2. Yes Yes Amelie, how about yours!:P

  3. Wah!! Blog layout upgrade liao ah! (Y)

  4. yes mel! hehe I've revamped my blog. but it's not fully upgraded.


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