Restaurant DV - Italian Restaurant

There are certain types of food both Leon and I crave for. And there's nothing like those sinful carbs. Leon is a Pizza monster, his world is complete with Pizza.

We went for this Pizza place where they serve reasonable Italian food with a really cozy and simple ambiance. Not too fancy, just like your neighbourhood restaurant.

Also, the price is pretty affordable for the portion.

We ordered the calamari as antipasta.
It's really crispy and it's such a big portion.

 Then, my lamb, really tasty. Very nicely marinated.
Probably the best lamb I've had for a while.

Also, it's very juicy and cooked just right.

Also, restaurant DV serves good pizza. What is an Italian restaurant without pizza?
Restaurant DV also serves pretty interesting flavors. They have this nutty cheese and much more variety than we usually see.

But I am not that adventurous, hence we ordered the beef peperoni pizza.
Surprisingly the beef peperoni is not to our taste. But the pizza crust is very cheesy and freshly baked pizza is yums <3 p="">

DV Ristorante Pizzeria
65-77, Jalan Setia Bakti,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Signing off!
Splurge on yourself with some calories this weekend :) 

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