Revamping My Blog


If I am in a game, then I guess I've leveled up and acquired a new skill! YAY! 

I've tried to revamp my blog before and I've thought of paying someone else doing it. Soon after I graduated, I realized I need more skill and I am thinking, hey, why not try coding!

 Everything is still in progress, I am still learning.

I'm learning coding on my own and a lot people been telling me that it's impossible yadda yadda.

Yes, it's very challenging but I'm telling you all, the more challenging the work it is, the more I feel excited about it.

I've tried clearing a wardrobe full of roaches shit/eggs idk. I've killed more than 20 roaches in a day. I don't think this can be any harder than that!

Let's do this!

I started from scratch, I learn basics from web school online everyday. And then I try to modify and read templates I found online. It can be really hard to write your own template, so I'm exercising from modifying first.

And I guess I should take my guitar and french lessons seriously too now. #headache. #3minuteshot

Signing off

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1 comment:

  1. You and Ophie now using the same template. Hehehe. Well done ah! Good job. Keep it up!!! :D :D :D (Def not impossible lah pls.)


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