Short update from Friday night!

Today decided to write about Providence KL because I've run out of topics. And also because I can. :)

Last night was at Providence KL because it's WeeLee's birthday. 1st, weelee is a guy. 1st, weelee is single, I think. 1st, weelee is the most sarcastic but funny guy I've ever known. Lastly, there will be no 2nd.

And I was reluctant to go, because I don't like the "landscape" of Providence KL and also talking bout knee sores...

My joints get all kind of sores the next day after drinking alcoholic drinks. People have hangovers, I have sore joints. FML. And my friends are laughing over it, cause I said it so much similar to  "fongsap". And they laughed.

You people has black heart. *run to corner and cries*

And I also personally think that Providence crowd are all rich tycoons. I feel so intimidated when I'm there. Only expensive item on me is my FAKE pearl earrings.

Make up of the day. Highlight of the day: Peri Pera Marker Lip Tint. It's very precise and easy to glide, and it's mess-free you can eat all day without staining your tableware/glasses.

Out of that 100 selfies, there must be one that look unglam like this.

Friday Boyfriend: The tired Leon.
Just that you know I have different boyfriend throughout the week.

 All these people didn't see what's the highlight of this dress. Is a off-shoulder dress ok. My highlight is my collar bone. Only PeiXian gets it omg.
Anyway, how can someone thought that I am drunk and taking off my dress in the carpark in this picture? WTF. If I am drunk and taking off my dress, I still post it on FB ya. Very good job. I am not sure what content you people are watching nowadays.

Signing off,
Happy birthday weelee.

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  1. yuen lai you know my name ;'( so touched:D

  2. peixian, i remember your name d! :P <3 CP mah! ahhaa


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