When I need to buy a BMW.

There are so many different platforms nowadays for us to sell or buy. Even Facebook can serve such a purpose but how about a platform that serves all the purposes with a professional layout, easily accessible with any of your smart gadget, and provides you with an advanced online platform that helps improve your online market visibility?  

Maybe you should try this website.  
What is it all about? You asked.

It is a “One Platform for All”.
You can either buy or rent, be it car or property, travel or events, or even jobs! There are way more other interesting features to be explored in the future. Basically you name it, they have it. For those who are running a business, this is a good platform for you.

Let’s pretend I am going to buy a BMW.
The website layout is pretty user friendly, even my Ahma can surf.
Ok, so I click a car and then I click BMW.
One thing I disliked is the choices probably are too much and has resulted in me waiting 4seconds for the BMW to pop out. #impatient

Wah! RM145, 000 for a 5 years old BMW, milleage 17,500, unregistered. Reasonable or what?

I also like that all the pictures are very clear and look exquisite and they also have a professional microsite for car dealers. So you can call them, or even check out where they hide the car #lol

CloudHax also claim they have the highest website security protection, with certified extended validation (EV) certificates which use the highest level of authentication and were specifically created to boost and maintain customers’ online confidence through a rigorous verification process
Let me put this in one sentence if you still don’t get it (it means they claim that they are very secured because they have the EV certificates.)

So if you are bimbo like me, CloudHax heard you. All of you are granted with loan calculators when browsing listings in CloudHax. The loan amortization calculator with customisable loan repayment period and interest rate are for us to have better picture how much to pay for the monthly instalment amount.

Yay! This Nissan only cost you RM1,853.23 a month, and a complimentary the lady in red. HAHA Just kidding! That is actually one of the cylinders. HAHA 
Unless you are rich enough to cash and carry, say thank you because I am telling you this.

Other features you can explore yourself but I am going to tell you one last one: THE MAP.

CloudHax’s map is incredibly sophisticated. Apart from the customisation of a location directly on the map, you can also utilise the street view to observe a car dealer’s retail shop and its surrounding environment. Not only that, the map also promises convenience by allowing users to search for nearby car dealers within a close proximity.

After you buy a car you can also buy the car plate and other extra parts at CloudHax!
Happy Shopping!

Good Night! 

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