If there's one reason I want to escape from a tropical country, picnicking in a cool climate country definitely ranks high.  I love picnic so much not because of the food, but also the culture of picnicking. Under the sun, cool weather, fresh air, dogs running around. It's like catching up with nature and also a healthy activity to do with some friends that are dear to you.

Usually I love it in the evening, but I started to appreciate morning picnics ever since the last one we had for our friend. It's a birthday picnic.

I have gone picnicking for years, and I still love it as much as when I first started. How I hope I have the luxury of doing it weekly! 
These are some of the tips that I must share:

1. Don't bring alcoholic/ glass bottled / big bottled drinks. 

As much as we all love the idea of a cool beer next to the pond with some tidbits, we have to be concerned with our Muslim friends. Another big no-no is bringing big bottled drinks and cups! This is because the terrain on grass often are uneven, the next thing you realize after a big laugh is some drinks tumbling around and everyone screaming over sugary drinks on their lap. 

2. Don't forget about bringing a HUGE MAT, best if it's waterproof. 

But in this case, it also differs as it depends on the number of friends in your picnic.  The more friends the bigger the mat. However, a waterproof one is definitely a must! Grass in the morning is usually wet no matter if it's a raining day before or not. It is best to avoid wet patches on the back!

3.  Don't bring food that is messy to eat. 

To me, picnic revolves around foods that are fuss free, mess free, not too complex, and green. Avoid foods that need too much assembly, need a lot of cutting, and mess impossible to wipe away with more than one tissue.  No soups! Sandwiches, nuggets, curry puff, sponge cakes, little hotdogs, biscuits and chicken wings/drumsticks are the best. Individual packed salads are good too.

For drinks, always go for individual bottle soft drinks. They are portable, easy to drink and hard to make a mess too! Longed for alcohol? Transfer them in a soft drink bottle before hand. #sneaky

4. Don't forget the sunscreen and fan

These are a must for a tropical country. But for me, as long as it's before 11am or after 5pm, that should be fine. Do look for a shady area to set up your picnic!


As much as I would hate to mention, Malaysians can be a little bit forgetful on littering. So please remember to bring a bag to take back all the tissue wipes, all the rubbish, and make sure the picnic spot looks exactly the same as before.

That's all on the tips from me. Also remember to take a lot pictures and have so much fun! Bring some music if you want!

Signing off,
Wish you love picnics as much as I do!

There's are good days and bad days.

Apparently, I have this lucky day that I've sprained my toe, lucky because I can still walk. 
The idea of getting sprained legs twice in a day is crazy. I did that and I am here, again. But this time with my little toe.

I think to myself:  "I can still walk."

translation: I will just procrastinate thinking miraculously it would heal on its own. But looks like life can be tough sometimes, because my toe just doesn't heal as expected. And I started to feel that there's a need to get it healed (at last) by a chiropractor. 

For first time in my life, I went to a chiropractor without my mom by me. And here's where my story starts. Leon was with me the whole session and he wanted to get his backache go away as well. 
So I pushed Leon to try it out for me first. #laughs #whygflikethis

Then the chiropractor starts talking to ease the silence, which I actually love. Start with asking our jobs, then where we stay, then how we found out this place, wow, so much I cannot remember. At some point I thought it was a survey. 

I nicely answer his questions thinking he would be satisfied apparently, he just don't shut up. 

My O/S at that moment was: 


Being nice and pretty and confident as usual #laughs, I just had to pretend I am playing with my phone. DRAMATIC ENOUGH, MY PHONE GOT NO BATTERY AT THIS AWKWARD TIMING. 

It was a dodgy small place and Leon is lying facing back on the massage bed. This awkward chiropractor has to start again, without looking at his patient, he just keeps blabbing. 

"Next time you come, you need to get appointment first......(blah blah blah) or else you will have to wait for hours. Some of my JAPAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE client come form far, without appointment, they kenot get heal loh (blah blah) 

"I have 2 rooms here, one for boy and one for girl loh. Room 1 is for boy, room 2 is for girl. If got girl customer ah, they go room 2 loh. Then, usually I ask them to wear sarong with another girl here. So they feel safe ma.... (blah blah blah) 

So when you thought he's done, he's actually not. 
"SO next time when you come, you need appointment loh. BLAH BLAH BLAH" Repeats sentence 2 again. 

"You take one of my card later, I give you. But har, you still save my number. Save where you know? Phone? Sometimes phone also not safe. You know why? Cause you save on the phone, sometimes will accidentally deleted away, or your phone might lost. (insert one story of your friend that did the same here) And then you save in the where you know ah? Save in the USB, back up another file on computer. You know why? Cause ah, then won't lose it you know."

Imagine someone repeating all 3 lines over and over for an hour. There are so many times I just feel like telling him

"Are you really working on my bf's back? Can you STFU?" 

But of course, I did not, My toes are at stake. So I swallowed my words. 
And just pretend I can't hear shit, and he continues...........

Signing off, 
I am probably deaf by now, anything, comment below. 

I've blogged mostly about "how to keep your face flawless" routine, my aesthetic procedure and my face journey lately. If you want to read it, here they are: Experiencing Co2 fractional laser  and What I do in the car.

I'm really serious about having pimple free skin, after all, it is probably everyone's goal. Imagine a zit on your big date. NOOO. And there are lots of reasons that can cause breakouts. You are probably thinking that "I clean my face everyday, why me!" That's how people fall for the biggest myth. Because most of us do not know what causes pimples.

In short, pimples are actually caused by sebum clogging pores. Sebum is some oil secretion to keep your skin moisturized. Call me cliché but there are 3 steps that you should take to avoid pimples growing!

1. Wash your face at least once a day.

Cleansing is important, but that doesn't mean you should over-cleanse your face. Because that will wash away the natural oil and moisture and lead t dry and sensitive skin. Hence, don't forget completing the 3 important steps!

Cleanse, tone and moisturize!

If it happens that a pimple really grows, don't pop them!
Reason so is because squeezing pimple can force acne bacteria go deeper into the skin!
Also, most of us do not have the right skill in popping a pimple, we might left the inflamed pore into a scar.

2. Start exercising!

It's cliché but exercising will make you sweat and unclog the pores. Also, exercising regularly will help promote oxygenated blood flow which gives radiance to the skin. And last of all, I tell you that exercise will ease your stress that is known to causes acne!

3. Drink plenty of water and have enough sleep

It's tough to sleep early for me, and for most of the city people I know. But it's really important to have enough rest. Most of the time, I would try to have 10 hours of sleep a day.
Lunch hour? I snack during my work time so I can sleep in during lunch time. I really need that extra one hour of sleep!

Well, the most important thing is definitely not touching your face!
Our fingers are full of bacteria! Touching them will result in clogged pores and bacteria forming.

Signing off!
BE beautiful!

My skin looks perfectly fine after my Co2 fractional laser but it's far from looking flawless and bouncy like baby skin.

Lately I've been taking my skincare journey very serious as I fear that my skin will age earlier than expected, horrible!

But most of the time I'm just busy! I wish I could have time to wait for the charcoal mask to fully dry but usually I have to wash it prematurely! #wasted
And also usually i do my mask in the car.

That is when Leon spotted #wildpokemon like this.

#wildpokemon appeared

Leon never says it but everytime I do weird things like this, he's must be terrified inside. #laughs

Signing off. 
Let's be weird together-gether.
The Bersih Rally on 28th August has become the next hot topic.
I not a politics type of person but you have to be one when your Leon tells you he wants to join the rally.

If the message "I broke up with my boyfriend" spams across your Facebook timeline news, I bet it's because I've failed the mission on urging him to not going to the rally. YES. I am this serious.

However, if you have decided to make a firm decision to help our nation fight for a better future, I will morally support you.
But before you go, let's be optimistic! There are things that you can do during the protest! :D Maybe selling some souvenirs or set a stall, who knows you can earn a big bucks. I've list down 7 items that are useful for those who are going to the rally, got your pen and paper?

    1. Umbrellas
What is more useful than an umbrella? Trust me, nothing. Umbrella is a MUST BRING, so I guess selling umbrellas in the Bersih rally is definitely the right choice. Not only can an umbrella be used as a tool to protect yourself from the sun, avoiding getting sunburn, but also the rain and as well as a tool to protect yourself when someone is trying to attack you! 

Remember sifuWong? 

Or Kingsman the secret service?

    2. Bersih Bersih Shirt 
No, repeating Bersih is not an error, .
What person can stand under the sun for hours and not sweat? The stench could kill! 
We need clean shirts, period. 
picture source here 

    3. Goggles 
For those who went to the previous rally would know that, there are chances that there will be water guns or tear gas from the Pukimons! Bring goggles, the gas is no joke, imagine cutting 10 onions at the same time. Even a tough cookie like my dad can cry. 

    4. Portable Fan
I am probably advocating the atas-protest. Atas protest need to keep calm and chill, and for that... FAN is a necessity. If there's walking aircond, that's ze best. Bring that to me and take my money!

    5. Fold-able Chair
Other than an umbrella, probably fold-able chairs could be the alternative. Even-though it's bulky, but I think fold-able chair can hit more Pukimons than an umbrella can. Just saying! haha

    6. TouchNGo Cards
Heard from some of my friends saying that TouchNGo cards at last can do what it says. Touch and GO if you're using the commuter!

   7. Don't forgot to record everything and GoPro serves the best purpose now!

By the way, that's Alex, according to google.

Signing off
BE SAFE, BE VIGILANT and NO LEON, you stay home!
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