What You Can Sell On A BERSIH Rally

The Bersih Rally on 28th August has become the next hot topic.
I not a politics type of person but you have to be one when your Leon tells you he wants to join the rally.

If the message "I broke up with my boyfriend" spams across your Facebook timeline news, I bet it's because I've failed the mission on urging him to not going to the rally. YES. I am this serious.

However, if you have decided to make a firm decision to help our nation fight for a better future, I will morally support you.
But before you go, let's be optimistic! There are things that you can do during the protest! :D Maybe selling some souvenirs or set a stall, who knows you can earn a big bucks. I've list down 7 items that are useful for those who are going to the rally, got your pen and paper?

    1. Umbrellas
What is more useful than an umbrella? Trust me, nothing. Umbrella is a MUST BRING, so I guess selling umbrellas in the Bersih rally is definitely the right choice. Not only can an umbrella be used as a tool to protect yourself from the sun, avoiding getting sunburn, but also the rain and as well as a tool to protect yourself when someone is trying to attack you! 

Remember sifuWong? 

Or Kingsman the secret service?

    2. Bersih Bersih Shirt 
No, repeating Bersih is not an error, .
What person can stand under the sun for hours and not sweat? The stench could kill! 
We need clean shirts, period. 
picture source here 

    3. Goggles 
For those who went to the previous rally would know that, there are chances that there will be water guns or tear gas from the Pukimons! Bring goggles, the gas is no joke, imagine cutting 10 onions at the same time. Even a tough cookie like my dad can cry. 

    4. Portable Fan
I am probably advocating the atas-protest. Atas protest need to keep calm and chill, and for that... FAN is a necessity. If there's walking aircond, that's ze best. Bring that to me and take my money!

    5. Fold-able Chair
Other than an umbrella, probably fold-able chairs could be the alternative. Even-though it's bulky, but I think fold-able chair can hit more Pukimons than an umbrella can. Just saying! haha

    6. TouchNGo Cards
Heard from some of my friends saying that TouchNGo cards at last can do what it says. Touch and GO if you're using the commuter!

   7. Don't forgot to record everything and GoPro serves the best purpose now!

By the way, that's Alex, according to google.

Signing off
BE SAFE, BE VIGILANT and NO LEON, you stay home!

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