A while back I blogged about how I met my boyfriend and the response is pretty crazy. #whyohwhy! I've been blogging for years and that's probably the most reached post from Facebook clicks I guess. Imagine that blog post generates more than 1k people clicked in just through Facebook. If you want to read it again, you can read it by clicking HERE.

The only explanation I could come to is that there are more people interested in my boyfriend than me. #imnotsofamous, the title of my blog is actually legit.

Anyway, so it's the 3rd year we've been together, and looks like Leon really wants to surprise me like a girl. I did end up surprised for the first time in a long while, so I have to gave him that.

 So funny that the whole restaurant had no one! And at this point I thought it's because people didn't like the food or someone booked the restaurant? #idk

The story leading up to this day was pretty funny.
So Leon was so sure that he will surprise me until I peed my pants this year (which he promised every time), so  I wasn't expecting too much. Also because I am a very sensitive person, I can detect when someone is not behaving like he/she used to.

Or maybe it is just because Leon sucks at giving surprises?
Can someone please impress me already? #onelastprayer

So I thought it was just going to be another dinner.
And while I am doing my selfie, I saw the waiter from the back holding some yellow balloons.

And I was just about to say "who is the unlucky girl that's going to get the ugly yellow balloons," then the waiter put it next to me. #FML

Okay, I admitted I am surprised this time, and also shocked. Yes, cause of the color.

But he also bought me bubbly!
For that effort and money spend...

I shall forgive him. :)

Salad for me. #diet


Fish with Spinach.

Overall the food sucks.
But the view is awesome tho.


Dessert is so so.

Okay, I am driving this back tonight byebye.

Signing off!
Loving you to Jupiter, and back, and forth, and back, countless times.

Good night!

It's funny because this topic I'm going to share today has nothing to do with beauty, travel nor lifestyle. Just plain thoughts.

If you are a devout Christian or whatever religion, this post is not for you. Because you are not going to agree what I just said. If you are a baby lover and going to change my mind, please don't. Go read my beauty post! Like and Share ok byebye. 

Me and Leon has this "pillow talk" thing I love the most and sometimes these days, we've been talking about kids, and babies. Well, that kind of silly topic of "how many kids you would want" and deeper conversation like what "you'll name your kids?". Because, my bf is the middle kid and the younger brother is going to have their very first son.

I am jealous deep down inside, because the attention that the whole family giving to this little unborn, the love they share. Can't believe I am actually jealous over a foetus. #FML

But lately, this has caught my concern as, deep down inside I know I don't really want a baby. Yes, we've talked about this.

So, Leon knows that the last thing that I wanted in life is a kid. I know, I kind of keep it a secret. Usually I only tell people that I really comfortable with. Because, I once talked about, " oh, kids, #duh, never want one" and people actually give me that "oh you are that kind of girl that just fucks around for fun and come on you idiot or cold blooded human, babies are cute! " and also other kind of shits.Yeah. Judge me now ass holes.

Of course, I can always just say "fuck off, I own my life" and just walk away, but I always choose to explain. And explanations can be just so tough at times.

I know, kids are cute, babies are adorable. But look at all the ass holes society is cultivating. I strongly thinks that people should really stop producing ass holes, especially ass holes themselves. That's why, I don't want a kid, cause I don't see Malaysia needing another me. So ass hole please pledge with me:

I don't find myself suitable as a parent, I don't fuck have sex for kids. 

It's funny when I see that the gay scene actually has perks of having more happy kids. go #LBGTQ #outoftopic 

Trust me, civilisation created condoms for a reason. Also, Netflix. People used to not have much alternatives on entertainment, but now you can channel your desires and time on so many other things.


picture from google.

I mean, parenting needs a lot of energy and also passion. You would have start questioning who am I to speak all these shit? I tell you. I've been a part time babysitter with my mom since I am 10. Back then, when we are poor, my mother have to work 3 part time jobs in her place. One of her job is to babysit and I will have to lend a hand most of the time. 

It was fun at first. Having a baby is literally magical unicorn time. It is like having a barbie that came to life. But try walk in my shoes. And did I mention I've gone through all the perks of having a baby, a kid. Their cutest penguin walk, their first talk, blah blah blah, be there, done that. 6 times.

I literally feel like I'm already a parent 10 years ago.
And I had 6 "kids" before. 

So when I say I don't want a baby, stop saying that I am cold blooded or whatever. It's just that I am not mentally capable now.

If you really think that having a baby is just a mere option? You are wrong.

Having a kid is about sharing your time, you passion and your dream away.
I know, a lot of "successful" parents been calling people out there loser secretly. Because they can be successful in their work at the same time taking good care of their kids. Also, a lot of mothers had made their kids blend in with their career. For example Shaine Wong from shainewong.com. She builds a career revolves around her son, which is impressive.

But do you have what it takes? Especially a woman, a working woman.

Can you juggle between your work and kid? Even the answer is yes, please remember on behalf of that most of the time you'll have to give up your entertainment for the kid. Most of the time, you are fatigued.

Also, you will lose time bonding with your friends.

Of course, you can get nanny and keep up with your work and entertainment and everything you're having but there will be difficulties and changes for sure. Can't cope with the changes? You are the next story of the movie theatre, about a runaway son or under-age pregnant daughter.

Maybe I'm being pessimistic.
But I hope people out there make your decision wisely. There are beautiful things worth waiting.

This blog post is no mean for hatred, it's just me delivering an idea people nowadays shouldn't have kids if they are not ready, or just because of all these "famous babies (fml)" online. Kids are no toys or pets. If you are not financial or mentality ready, why you want to bring another innocent into you ass life? Just my two cent.

Signing off,
in case you're horny, always think about what consequences behind a baby.

Scamming is the art of lying taken to the next level. It's combination of a lot, not just a story, but something with a lot of thought and effort.
Most of all, it's a very convincing acting skill, with a face like this.

Apparently my friend ALMOST got scammed over a fan that she is trying to sell on Mudah. I know, you can sell almost everything on Mudah, including a fake story. So, my friend got tricked. 

So, my friend Miss N was trying to sell her celling fan on Mudah. A self-proclaimed international army wants to buy from her but he mentioned that Paypal holds his money, he paid a Nigeria agent to collect the fan from her AFTER she pays RM500 to this agent upon confirmation. 

Don't ask me why my friend can even have a conversation with a stranger over an app, I don't know. But my friend here Miss N was so close to losing her 500 ringgit cash, SO CLOSE.

And here is my innocent friend believing this so called international friend. And lucky enough, we have a pool date on that day itself so she has time to tell me about this trap that she almost went for. 

Usually people will believe in scams for 3 reasons: 

1. They are desperate. 
Sometimes we are so desperate to get rid of something, or we are desperate in getting some fast cash. This makes it easy for us to fall for scams. 

2. The deal is too good to be true. 
Also, because we are desperate, we also have a tendency to to believe that good things fall to good people like us! Hence we will have make an exception what we are hearing is true . And Bam! Got scammed!

3. Too smart-ass but having reason 1 and 2 at the same time. 
Usually you need to fall into both categories 1 and 2 to be scammed, but category 3 which is being a smart-ass just is an additional trait for scammers to take advantage of.  They dream up smart reasons why the deal is legit and bam! outsmarted themselves.

My friend here falls into category 3. Also, she is too innocent. I've heard stories from friends being scammed from Mudah. One of my friends didn't just lose money, but also a camera set worth a few thousand ringgit. Letting go stuff online can be convenient and an easy way out, but always be really careful. 

I am so glad Miss N didn't get scammed in the end. 
In fact, the scammer did make her kind of jumpy. Be alert, don't fall for a scammer. Usually they will first try to be chirpy, then helpful, and last they will try to threaten you! Don't be scared, cause you'll never know who's behind the keyboard/keypad!

1. They are chirpy. 

They will be really friendly and try to lower down your guard.

2. They are being extra HELPFUL. 

I mean, look at it, he just wants to buy a fan. Why he want to be so helpful? If I am spending money to buy something, I would expect someone to serve me, not me serve people! Duh? #geddit?

3. They will threaten you and make you afraid!

Worse!  My friend actually gave him her full name too early, which allowed the scammer to to constantly threaten her that he will call the FBI (i know right!! LOL) to hunt her down with the address of my friend gave him (yes... i know right...) So, be aware that you are selling something. Don't give any personal details to anyone. Especially to people with no credentials, no legit company, no nothing. 

Long story short, when someone tells you that Malaysian products are better, you should know they are scammer. 

I mean, come on? 
What fan made in Malaysia is better a fan made in US? #duh. 
You mean better than Justin Bieber fans?

At last, my friend ignored him after we checked the email sent to her by "paypal" is actually a phishing interpol! My my my. So if anyone sent you something with an email paypal.carelink@inbox.lv or anything with a lv at the back, it's actually not Louis Vuitton but a fucking phishing bot. BEWARE!

Sound off your story in the comment box below so more people will aware of the scams tactic!

Signing off, 
Stay real, stay safe, stay home!

Lately I've been checking out some beauty bloggers on Youtube on ways to clear off blackheads effectively and effortlessly. Trust me, I never really needed a blackhead remover, I only need my fingers. But Leon needs that.

Because I just figured out those little black dots on his cheek ARE NOT FACIAL HAIR. #FFFFFML
I mean I never knew blackheads can grow on cheeks too, NEVER. And the moment of truth is there's is one day I'm trying to help him clear blackheads on his nose (gf job) and the pressure of my palm forced this little blackhead from his cheek to pop.

Just realized I've been kissing blackheads all these while


Ever since, I've been trying my best to help him to clear the blackheads that have been rooting on his face for 20 years or so, I don't know. Because he just pick up his face washing habit like half a year ago. Yes, he never washes his face with soap/ face soap. I guess that explains the "face hair". 

And he hates the black head pressing so much. He's been complaining about the excruciating pain and every time, he will try his very best to channel my attention away when I suggest a "facial time". Not to mention, that's the only time I've ever seen him tear. 

So, I've been googling and youtube watching all these ridiculous ways like using egg white or so, then I gave this a try. And I name this THE BEST BLACKHEADS REMOVER ever since. 

My Scheming Blackheads Remover. 

Comes in a packaging in pink, endorsed by Ella from the Taiwan pop group SHE.
Scheming Blackheads Remover has 2 bottle of tonics and 1 tube of mask.

Before I try it on Leon, I have to try it first. I swear I have the least blackheads but I shall see if this mask can do wonders.

I use a hairband to make sure all my hair is up, especially baby hair. Try to avoid contact with your mask.

Use a warm towel to open the pores. Best if you have a face steaming machine.

Put on tonic 1, to soften the dead skin cells. I use tissue paper to soak tonic 1 and lay it on the places with the most whiteheads and stubborn blackheads.
Wash away after 8 minutes and tap dry the face. (IMPORTANT)

After wash and dry, put on a generous amount of mask on the area you want to remove the blackheads/whiteheads. Avoid contact with brows and hairs.

After it is completely dry (must be completely), this is going to take you around 20 to 30 minutes, tear the mask UPWARDS like so.

Look at that!
I am astonished with the result. Best of all, no pain. AT ALL.
I am amazed with the result as I don't have a lot of blackheads, but it still manages to take off that much white heads, dirt, facial hair, whatever, with no pain!

Signing off!
Blackhead free! 
Maybe there are only a few occasions in life you will manage to be the center of attention of your friends, it's all about you, the giant celebration, the lovely gifts, the blessings, and maybe some cake. #burp #can'thelp

And one of those occasions is graduation. Probably the one and only one that I have control over, and fought for it. What? Copy need skills in university.

I remember I didn't start college immediately after high school. I was pretty clueless about what to do with my life. You know, when your strict parents stop making decisions for you, you just go clueless. Because all this while I only do the opposite of what my parents ask me to, and suddenly they are like,

"do whatever you want now"

That's tough.

So, here I am.
A degree graduate. I may not be proud with my results, but I am definitely proud of myself as I complete this. All these years I've been wanting to give up, but thanks to all these important people, really.

I would like to send my warmest gratitude to these special guests other than my parents. First of all,  Luqman, as he made me believe into this course and he is the one that make me believe in my potential (even there isn't any seriously)

And the one and only Leon. Who would thought you need advance english to understand textbooks and nobody but you to spend all the Sundays with me in the library. I really couldn't thank you more so I shall pay you with Nadia. (if you really want? HAHA you reading this Nadia? )

I guess I will have to thank PTPTN as well.
I never loved numbers until I heard there are magical numbers from my bank account every semester that can buy food and coffee. And also making Taiwan trip last year possible.

Also, this date marks the first day that I need to start paying for shit like loans and my own expenses.

Never wanted to do something everyone else was doing, so cliché, but I think this is still mandatory. 

Every batch of new graduates also marks the new enrollment of students.
Reading all the comments and statuses of high school juniors who are planing on enrollment in university, I really have something to say.

If I was given a second chance, I would really have researched what is the best course, in a university that suits my personality. Back then, I don't have the luxury to be choosy on university. I don't have the money. My family are pretty broke, we are facing financial crisis.

However, my parents insisted to fund me to do whatever I want. I probably will break down into tears again if I have to go thru it all over again. Anyway, the choice of mine is not much to choose from anyway. But if you allow me to choose again, I would say, go choose a university that has the most opportunity for you to experiment on what you've learned, choose a university that is fun, choose a university that has students compatible to your personality the most.

Remember, a university is not just about the price or where your friends are going.
It's completely about you.

I heard Taylors had a student that dressed like Lady Gaga go to uni.
If he was at somewhere else, I suppose he will be expelled.

My point is, you have to find a university that you can be yourself, be comfortable with, and excel from it.

Signing off,
Con-graduation to myself and good luck to you!
Drum roll please.....At last, after a long wait, introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note5!
With a longer BATTERY LIFE, bigger SCREEN, slimmer BODY, even better S PEN, and the coolest accessories including the fast CHARGING cord, totally wireless!

Here's a selfie with Yuna the Samsung ambassador.
Asking her what's her favourite feature of the phone, she mentioned the screen and as well as the instant off memo.

Need I mention more about the camera function when both of us are having so much fun?
picture credit to Yuh Jium

This is really a cool feature. Now taking a note takes zero off time!
When something comes into mind? Just note it down in a flick!

I went to the road show and I couldn't be more excited to try the Galaxy Note5 out!  I, as a Samsung S Series user feel like embracing the Note Series already!!!
Their improved S Pen, not just more sensitive now, works like a real pen. The scribbling and strokes are also a completely new experience!

The Galaxy Note has been in the market since 2011 and the evolution throughout the years has made a lot of users stays loyal.
We've seen celebrities become Samsung Note users and become icons of the phone. Next, is now, the Samsung Note5.

This year, Samsung also invite lots of celebrities to celebrate the new Note5 launch. And such a bummer I missed Thomas and Jack but anyway for those who want catch up Mad August, don’t forgets to give them support at the Sunway Pyramid road show today at 5pm!

I am here just in time for Najwa Latiff! 
Heard her "facecook song" called Cinta Muka Buku online and it's pretty cute song. 
She sang Sahabat live, pretty interesting vocal. 

Fans-fans Najwa.

And for those who buy during the road show in Sunway Pyramid from 4th September to 9th September, (Penang and JB are only until 6th), you can trade up your old phones to entitled cut down the cost on your phone!  

Here’s a list for you to refer.

For more information, check out www.samsung.com/my/galaxy/note5  or  bit.ly/myGalaxyNote5Launch

Signing off!
Next is NOW!

I was cordially invited to the Makan-makan food hunt last week and I am so glad to try out food that I've never tried before in One Utama.

I must say I am a little less adventurous when it comes to food, especially when thinking I have to pay prices for food that I'm unsure of into my mouth, nevermind. Hence, I usually do a lot of homework before I spend a penny in a restaurant.  

Makan-makan Food Hunt for bloggers are just right for people like me! 
I was told that we will be visiting 10 restaurants and eating heaps of food, so I wore expandable clothes so I will not end up with a unzipped pants!

So next time, if you're at One Utama, this is definitely the hungry go where guide!

1. Quiznos Sub Sandwich Restaurant 

Located at ground floor, it's at the corner.  Opposite of Papa Rich.  If you are looking for a quick bite before a movie or a sandwich at a reasonable price, this is definitely the choice!

2. Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is famous for their green tea parfait! Go for the Nama green tea chocolate Parfait if you're clueless what to order! Their green tea ice cream is really refreshing in hot weather.

3. Coco Curry House Ichibanya

This is my favorite. I mean, who hates curry anyway! Try go for Level 4 spiciness, that's the Malaysia spicy level. Must order? Fried chicken! 
Coco Curry House located at Lower Ground Floor.  

 4. Myeong Dong

Craving for Toppoki, why not go Myeong Dong?
No, you don't have to fly there silly! Just head over to the Lower ground floor. Their have all the Korean snacks and drinks there! Try some Korean flavors!

5. O-Banh-Mi

Want some pork bun? Craving some porky flavors or simply just a Vietnamese food fanatic? We have you covered!

6. The Library

If you are coffee lover, or cafe hopper, you definitely cannot miss The Library. 
Like the name itself, they really do have books and magazines, so you can chill, and have tea, and also read a book or magazine. Instragam-worthy yo!

7. Bisou

Bisous in French simply means kisses. Need something as sweet as a kiss, come to Bisou!
Their Red Velvet cakes are as pretty as their shop!

8. Moo Cow

Want some Froyo? Head over to Moo Cow! Located at Lower ground as well. Their Fro-yo is so smooth and it helps you with constipation too. Ops, too much info?

9. Little Fat Duck

Little Fat Duck serves really reasonable take away. RM6 only for spaghetti!
What else is there to ask for?

10. Betjeman & Barton

Looking for high tea with pretty desserts?
You are at the right place! Did I mention this high tea place is pretty reasonable? Also, they have really good tea!

Also, this is me after that 10 restaurant food hunting, probably another 2 kg heavier!

Signing off, 
Let's grow some happy fat together!
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