3rd Anniversary

A while back I blogged about how I met my boyfriend and the response is pretty crazy. #whyohwhy! I've been blogging for years and that's probably the most reached post from Facebook clicks I guess. Imagine that blog post generates more than 1k people clicked in just through Facebook. If you want to read it again, you can read it by clicking HERE.

The only explanation I could come to is that there are more people interested in my boyfriend than me. #imnotsofamous, the title of my blog is actually legit.

Anyway, so it's the 3rd year we've been together, and looks like Leon really wants to surprise me like a girl. I did end up surprised for the first time in a long while, so I have to gave him that.

 So funny that the whole restaurant had no one! And at this point I thought it's because people didn't like the food or someone booked the restaurant? #idk

The story leading up to this day was pretty funny.
So Leon was so sure that he will surprise me until I peed my pants this year (which he promised every time), so  I wasn't expecting too much. Also because I am a very sensitive person, I can detect when someone is not behaving like he/she used to.

Or maybe it is just because Leon sucks at giving surprises?
Can someone please impress me already? #onelastprayer

So I thought it was just going to be another dinner.
And while I am doing my selfie, I saw the waiter from the back holding some yellow balloons.

And I was just about to say "who is the unlucky girl that's going to get the ugly yellow balloons," then the waiter put it next to me. #FML

Okay, I admitted I am surprised this time, and also shocked. Yes, cause of the color.

But he also bought me bubbly!
For that effort and money spend...

I shall forgive him. :)

Salad for me. #diet


Fish with Spinach.

Overall the food sucks.
But the view is awesome tho.


Dessert is so so.

Okay, I am driving this back tonight byebye.

Signing off!
Loving you to Jupiter, and back, and forth, and back, countless times.

Good night!

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