Best Blackheads/ Whitehead Mask EVER

Lately I've been checking out some beauty bloggers on Youtube on ways to clear off blackheads effectively and effortlessly. Trust me, I never really needed a blackhead remover, I only need my fingers. But Leon needs that.

Because I just figured out those little black dots on his cheek ARE NOT FACIAL HAIR. #FFFFFML
I mean I never knew blackheads can grow on cheeks too, NEVER. And the moment of truth is there's is one day I'm trying to help him clear blackheads on his nose (gf job) and the pressure of my palm forced this little blackhead from his cheek to pop.

Just realized I've been kissing blackheads all these while


Ever since, I've been trying my best to help him to clear the blackheads that have been rooting on his face for 20 years or so, I don't know. Because he just pick up his face washing habit like half a year ago. Yes, he never washes his face with soap/ face soap. I guess that explains the "face hair". 

And he hates the black head pressing so much. He's been complaining about the excruciating pain and every time, he will try his very best to channel my attention away when I suggest a "facial time". Not to mention, that's the only time I've ever seen him tear. 

So, I've been googling and youtube watching all these ridiculous ways like using egg white or so, then I gave this a try. And I name this THE BEST BLACKHEADS REMOVER ever since. 

My Scheming Blackheads Remover. 

Comes in a packaging in pink, endorsed by Ella from the Taiwan pop group SHE.
Scheming Blackheads Remover has 2 bottle of tonics and 1 tube of mask.

Before I try it on Leon, I have to try it first. I swear I have the least blackheads but I shall see if this mask can do wonders.

I use a hairband to make sure all my hair is up, especially baby hair. Try to avoid contact with your mask.

Use a warm towel to open the pores. Best if you have a face steaming machine.

Put on tonic 1, to soften the dead skin cells. I use tissue paper to soak tonic 1 and lay it on the places with the most whiteheads and stubborn blackheads.
Wash away after 8 minutes and tap dry the face. (IMPORTANT)

After wash and dry, put on a generous amount of mask on the area you want to remove the blackheads/whiteheads. Avoid contact with brows and hairs.

After it is completely dry (must be completely), this is going to take you around 20 to 30 minutes, tear the mask UPWARDS like so.

Look at that!
I am astonished with the result. Best of all, no pain. AT ALL.
I am amazed with the result as I don't have a lot of blackheads, but it still manages to take off that much white heads, dirt, facial hair, whatever, with no pain!

Signing off!
Blackhead free! 

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