Beware, Pay Pal Scam!

Scamming is the art of lying taken to the next level. It's combination of a lot, not just a story, but something with a lot of thought and effort.
Most of all, it's a very convincing acting skill, with a face like this.

Apparently my friend ALMOST got scammed over a fan that she is trying to sell on Mudah. I know, you can sell almost everything on Mudah, including a fake story. So, my friend got tricked. 

So, my friend Miss N was trying to sell her celling fan on Mudah. A self-proclaimed international army wants to buy from her but he mentioned that Paypal holds his money, he paid a Nigeria agent to collect the fan from her AFTER she pays RM500 to this agent upon confirmation. 

Don't ask me why my friend can even have a conversation with a stranger over an app, I don't know. But my friend here Miss N was so close to losing her 500 ringgit cash, SO CLOSE.

And here is my innocent friend believing this so called international friend. And lucky enough, we have a pool date on that day itself so she has time to tell me about this trap that she almost went for. 

Usually people will believe in scams for 3 reasons: 

1. They are desperate. 
Sometimes we are so desperate to get rid of something, or we are desperate in getting some fast cash. This makes it easy for us to fall for scams. 

2. The deal is too good to be true. 
Also, because we are desperate, we also have a tendency to to believe that good things fall to good people like us! Hence we will have make an exception what we are hearing is true . And Bam! Got scammed!

3. Too smart-ass but having reason 1 and 2 at the same time. 
Usually you need to fall into both categories 1 and 2 to be scammed, but category 3 which is being a smart-ass just is an additional trait for scammers to take advantage of.  They dream up smart reasons why the deal is legit and bam! outsmarted themselves.

My friend here falls into category 3. Also, she is too innocent. I've heard stories from friends being scammed from Mudah. One of my friends didn't just lose money, but also a camera set worth a few thousand ringgit. Letting go stuff online can be convenient and an easy way out, but always be really careful. 

I am so glad Miss N didn't get scammed in the end. 
In fact, the scammer did make her kind of jumpy. Be alert, don't fall for a scammer. Usually they will first try to be chirpy, then helpful, and last they will try to threaten you! Don't be scared, cause you'll never know who's behind the keyboard/keypad!

1. They are chirpy. 

They will be really friendly and try to lower down your guard.

2. They are being extra HELPFUL. 

I mean, look at it, he just wants to buy a fan. Why he want to be so helpful? If I am spending money to buy something, I would expect someone to serve me, not me serve people! Duh? #geddit?

3. They will threaten you and make you afraid!

Worse!  My friend actually gave him her full name too early, which allowed the scammer to to constantly threaten her that he will call the FBI (i know right!! LOL) to hunt her down with the address of my friend gave him (yes... i know right...) So, be aware that you are selling something. Don't give any personal details to anyone. Especially to people with no credentials, no legit company, no nothing. 

Long story short, when someone tells you that Malaysian products are better, you should know they are scammer. 

I mean, come on? 
What fan made in Malaysia is better a fan made in US? #duh. 
You mean better than Justin Bieber fans?

At last, my friend ignored him after we checked the email sent to her by "paypal" is actually a phishing interpol! My my my. So if anyone sent you something with an email or anything with a lv at the back, it's actually not Louis Vuitton but a fucking phishing bot. BEWARE!

Sound off your story in the comment box below so more people will aware of the scams tactic!

Signing off, 
Stay real, stay safe, stay home!

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