Maybe there are only a few occasions in life you will manage to be the center of attention of your friends, it's all about you, the giant celebration, the lovely gifts, the blessings, and maybe some cake. #burp #can'thelp

And one of those occasions is graduation. Probably the one and only one that I have control over, and fought for it. What? Copy need skills in university.

I remember I didn't start college immediately after high school. I was pretty clueless about what to do with my life. You know, when your strict parents stop making decisions for you, you just go clueless. Because all this while I only do the opposite of what my parents ask me to, and suddenly they are like,

"do whatever you want now"

That's tough.

So, here I am.
A degree graduate. I may not be proud with my results, but I am definitely proud of myself as I complete this. All these years I've been wanting to give up, but thanks to all these important people, really.

I would like to send my warmest gratitude to these special guests other than my parents. First of all,  Luqman, as he made me believe into this course and he is the one that make me believe in my potential (even there isn't any seriously)

And the one and only Leon. Who would thought you need advance english to understand textbooks and nobody but you to spend all the Sundays with me in the library. I really couldn't thank you more so I shall pay you with Nadia. (if you really want? HAHA you reading this Nadia? )

I guess I will have to thank PTPTN as well.
I never loved numbers until I heard there are magical numbers from my bank account every semester that can buy food and coffee. And also making Taiwan trip last year possible.

Also, this date marks the first day that I need to start paying for shit like loans and my own expenses.

Never wanted to do something everyone else was doing, so cliché, but I think this is still mandatory. 

Every batch of new graduates also marks the new enrollment of students.
Reading all the comments and statuses of high school juniors who are planing on enrollment in university, I really have something to say.

If I was given a second chance, I would really have researched what is the best course, in a university that suits my personality. Back then, I don't have the luxury to be choosy on university. I don't have the money. My family are pretty broke, we are facing financial crisis.

However, my parents insisted to fund me to do whatever I want. I probably will break down into tears again if I have to go thru it all over again. Anyway, the choice of mine is not much to choose from anyway. But if you allow me to choose again, I would say, go choose a university that has the most opportunity for you to experiment on what you've learned, choose a university that is fun, choose a university that has students compatible to your personality the most.

Remember, a university is not just about the price or where your friends are going.
It's completely about you.

I heard Taylors had a student that dressed like Lady Gaga go to uni.
If he was at somewhere else, I suppose he will be expelled.

My point is, you have to find a university that you can be yourself, be comfortable with, and excel from it.

Signing off,
Con-graduation to myself and good luck to you!

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