Let's get a baby?

It's funny because this topic I'm going to share today has nothing to do with beauty, travel nor lifestyle. Just plain thoughts.

If you are a devout Christian or whatever religion, this post is not for you. Because you are not going to agree what I just said. If you are a baby lover and going to change my mind, please don't. Go read my beauty post! Like and Share ok byebye. 

Me and Leon has this "pillow talk" thing I love the most and sometimes these days, we've been talking about kids, and babies. Well, that kind of silly topic of "how many kids you would want" and deeper conversation like what "you'll name your kids?". Because, my bf is the middle kid and the younger brother is going to have their very first son.

I am jealous deep down inside, because the attention that the whole family giving to this little unborn, the love they share. Can't believe I am actually jealous over a foetus. #FML

But lately, this has caught my concern as, deep down inside I know I don't really want a baby. Yes, we've talked about this.

So, Leon knows that the last thing that I wanted in life is a kid. I know, I kind of keep it a secret. Usually I only tell people that I really comfortable with. Because, I once talked about, " oh, kids, #duh, never want one" and people actually give me that "oh you are that kind of girl that just fucks around for fun and come on you idiot or cold blooded human, babies are cute! " and also other kind of shits.Yeah. Judge me now ass holes.

Of course, I can always just say "fuck off, I own my life" and just walk away, but I always choose to explain. And explanations can be just so tough at times.

I know, kids are cute, babies are adorable. But look at all the ass holes society is cultivating. I strongly thinks that people should really stop producing ass holes, especially ass holes themselves. That's why, I don't want a kid, cause I don't see Malaysia needing another me. So ass hole please pledge with me:

I don't find myself suitable as a parent, I don't fuck have sex for kids. 

It's funny when I see that the gay scene actually has perks of having more happy kids. go #LBGTQ #outoftopic 

Trust me, civilisation created condoms for a reason. Also, Netflix. People used to not have much alternatives on entertainment, but now you can channel your desires and time on so many other things.


picture from google.

I mean, parenting needs a lot of energy and also passion. You would have start questioning who am I to speak all these shit? I tell you. I've been a part time babysitter with my mom since I am 10. Back then, when we are poor, my mother have to work 3 part time jobs in her place. One of her job is to babysit and I will have to lend a hand most of the time. 

It was fun at first. Having a baby is literally magical unicorn time. It is like having a barbie that came to life. But try walk in my shoes. And did I mention I've gone through all the perks of having a baby, a kid. Their cutest penguin walk, their first talk, blah blah blah, be there, done that. 6 times.

I literally feel like I'm already a parent 10 years ago.
And I had 6 "kids" before. 

So when I say I don't want a baby, stop saying that I am cold blooded or whatever. It's just that I am not mentally capable now.

If you really think that having a baby is just a mere option? You are wrong.

Having a kid is about sharing your time, you passion and your dream away.
I know, a lot of "successful" parents been calling people out there loser secretly. Because they can be successful in their work at the same time taking good care of their kids. Also, a lot of mothers had made their kids blend in with their career. For example Shaine Wong from shainewong.com. She builds a career revolves around her son, which is impressive.

But do you have what it takes? Especially a woman, a working woman.

Can you juggle between your work and kid? Even the answer is yes, please remember on behalf of that most of the time you'll have to give up your entertainment for the kid. Most of the time, you are fatigued.

Also, you will lose time bonding with your friends.

Of course, you can get nanny and keep up with your work and entertainment and everything you're having but there will be difficulties and changes for sure. Can't cope with the changes? You are the next story of the movie theatre, about a runaway son or under-age pregnant daughter.

Maybe I'm being pessimistic.
But I hope people out there make your decision wisely. There are beautiful things worth waiting.

This blog post is no mean for hatred, it's just me delivering an idea people nowadays shouldn't have kids if they are not ready, or just because of all these "famous babies (fml)" online. Kids are no toys or pets. If you are not financial or mentality ready, why you want to bring another innocent into you ass life? Just my two cent.

Signing off,
in case you're horny, always think about what consequences behind a baby.

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