Samsung Galaxy Note5 is launched!

Drum roll please.....At last, after a long wait, introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note5!
With a longer BATTERY LIFE, bigger SCREEN, slimmer BODY, even better S PEN, and the coolest accessories including the fast CHARGING cord, totally wireless!

Here's a selfie with Yuna the Samsung ambassador.
Asking her what's her favourite feature of the phone, she mentioned the screen and as well as the instant off memo.

Need I mention more about the camera function when both of us are having so much fun?
picture credit to Yuh Jium

This is really a cool feature. Now taking a note takes zero off time!
When something comes into mind? Just note it down in a flick!

I went to the road show and I couldn't be more excited to try the Galaxy Note5 out!  I, as a Samsung S Series user feel like embracing the Note Series already!!!
Their improved S Pen, not just more sensitive now, works like a real pen. The scribbling and strokes are also a completely new experience!

The Galaxy Note has been in the market since 2011 and the evolution throughout the years has made a lot of users stays loyal.
We've seen celebrities become Samsung Note users and become icons of the phone. Next, is now, the Samsung Note5.

This year, Samsung also invite lots of celebrities to celebrate the new Note5 launch. And such a bummer I missed Thomas and Jack but anyway for those who want catch up Mad August, don’t forgets to give them support at the Sunway Pyramid road show today at 5pm!

I am here just in time for Najwa Latiff! 
Heard her "facecook song" called Cinta Muka Buku online and it's pretty cute song. 
She sang Sahabat live, pretty interesting vocal. 

Fans-fans Najwa.

And for those who buy during the road show in Sunway Pyramid from 4th September to 9th September, (Penang and JB are only until 6th), you can trade up your old phones to entitled cut down the cost on your phone!  

Here’s a list for you to refer.

For more information, check out  or

Signing off!
Next is NOW!

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