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I've always wanted to go to Japan but Korea is close enough. Add to that, the Korea hype, making me even more exited when I flew there. All thanks to Angeline for making it happen, at last another item list crossed from my dream of travelling the world.

A lot of girls at my age really love shopping, oh wait, I mean we girls at ahem...any age love to shop, like ALOT. If you really wanted to shop, Korea Busan is the place. Not just that it's cheaper, but it is cheaper. #CHEAPwins
That's one. Two, if you enjoy scenery, it's a must to ferry yourself to Jeju island. I know everyone knows that but in case you don't know, that's the answer. But if you are more fixated by all the buildings and city life, come with me to Seoul!

If you are in Korea, you definitely cannot miss the Ginseng Chicken!
It's different with braised herbal country chicken, and no stuffing in it. Also, usually the attendant will shred the chicken for you. 

If you are a fish person, you definitely cannot miss the Pollack fish. 
Although Pollack fish is found in most Korean dishes. I am not fond of the texture of the fish personally, However the taste is beyond awesome. Try Pollack fish soup! So good that I can finish a pot of it myself, no kidding.

Beef Bibimbap, Pork Bibimbap.
Bibimbap in Korea is wet, and there's a lot of sauce. Maybe we are more familiar with the local one? However, I really think the meat in Korea tastes very fresh and simply is delicious. Most of the dishes taste very natural.

How to not try the Korean Barbeque when you are in Korea? 
Korean barbeque looks pan fried here but the marinate and sauce is the bomb! Also, the pork tastes different from Malaysia, but in a good way! How odd.

One must try the Toppoki in Korea, especially the fried one. 
Toppoki is not my favorite, but the soup, the pollack soup base wins that for me, yumss. Also, I personally think Toppoki tastes better when fried with kimchi sauce.

#cheapskate like me loves the roadside snack. 
Also, nothing explains culture understanding more than the roadside snack. 
Most of the roadside stall snacks are priced at 2000 Won onwards, some can be quite spicy. Myeongdong has a night market that sells really delicious snacks and food, the choices can vary a lot, just like our Pasar Malam.

After being introduced to so much of food, this is definitely the MUST EAT dish! 
The Korea Alaska King Crab. Not just that it's very big, fat and juicy, most of the Alaska King Crab restaurants serve other premium side dishes, like the Korean sea snail (it's really goooooood!!! T.T) , crab roe porridge, rice balls ( also tastes heavenly T.T ) and many more. 

Just blogging on this dish reminds me how juicy, succulent and sweet the taste of the crab lingers for months in your brain. Even tho it cost aboiut RM288 per person, but the whole set, it's worth EVERY SINGLE CENT! Not to mention how easily the shell is peeled. 

What to DO?
If you want to experience how to make kimchi from the Korean ladies, Korea has these to offer. I was told all Korean ladies know how to make Kimchi. It can taste very different in the restaurant or household. I usually like my Kimchi spicier and sweet. Kimchi is one of the healthiest food as it contains vitamin A, B, C and many more. Most importantly, it contains healthy bacteria that is good for your digestive system. Reason for the flawless skin of Koreans is probably most of them never have problem with bowel movement aka SHIT. 

Visiting the Farmland in PyeongChang can be fruitful. You get to feed the cute animals and go horse riding. Also, we got to check out one of the spots where a scene of Oppa Gangnam Style was shot. 
However, just to remind you the animals are not running around freely. Most of them are caged :( 

This little lamb manage to squeeze out! How brave and cute. And I swear it smiles to me and it follows me a bit. FML, I look like it's mom.  Maybe it has something to do with the zodiac?

Mount Sorak
Koreans are devoted to their religion and belief, hence the temple are mostly full of Koreans. You'll be surprised not to see many travelers. Mount Sorak has a fountain of youth and health, it is said drinking the water will bring blessing and health. 

So I had a sip. Wonder does it makes my boobs grow bigger. #EatPrayGrow

Also, pay a visit of the peak of Mount Sorak. The view is remarkable.
You don't have to walk all the way up. Just pay for the cable car and walk another 10 minutes. It is worth 10 minutes of sweat. #citygirlsucks

Peak view from Mount Sorak

Everland is a theme park. Also, it's Korea's version of Disney. Despite the unglam mascot, Everland actually does have a few interesting attractions to make it worth the visit. 
First of all, the LIGER. The Liger is a mix breed of Tiger and Lion, which is pretty extraordinary. The Liger cannot breed and the life span is shorter compared to Lion or Tiger. However, the scientists just pretty much screwed up my mind with this animal. 

Also, in Everland - the Safari Zoo, there are all these tamed cute big bears. They will do all kinds of tricks in front of you just to get their biscuits. They can do kaotao, wave and much more. So cute I forget that they eat humans. Just kidding.

Side note:
In Everland you can try this ice ball that went viral. To me, these are just sugar balls.

They also have the really long roller coaster rides with really long queues, I've gotta skip that. 
If you understand basic Korean, you might consider downloading the Everland App. YES, they have an app to show you how long the queue is and some can request the fast lane. #technologyRocks

More vain pictures because lighting in Everland is so good.

Also because this is the only day I wore full make up and appeared decently dressed.

Actually a lot of countries have their own and very different convenient store culture. I've been to the Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and now, the Korea stores.

Korea and Taiwan convenient stores manage to excite me with their cuteness and creative packaging. Look at all these coffees, can you believe these are actually not freshly brewed coffee art?

Myeong Dong & Dongdaemun Market
Probably the second most exciting part after the Alaska King Crab, SHOPPING.
Shopping in Myeong Dong is crazy cheap. You go in to all the shops, they give you all the samples, and masks where you didn't even spend! It's their sales tactic, don't get fool by the friendly faces as they start swearing in Mandarin. Sweet Jesus, almost everyone here is Chinese!

What to shop in Myeong Dong? Just food, and make up. Make up here can be really really cheap but if you are not looking at particular brands, go hang out in a few more shops before you buy!
Recommended buys: Laneige, Banila Co, Misha, Innisfree, Too cool for School! Actually a lot of Korean brands are not bad, just don't always go for the low prices because they are cheap for a reason. Choose some brands like Banila Co because they don't carry it in Malaysia yet.

My shopping haul!

"Wedding Show"
Me and Angeline also went for the musical show "Wedding Show". 
It's very interesting and comedic. We managed to have a good laugh after shopping! 

Palace- Deoksu gong
Korea still keeps some old vintage buildings.
If you are fond of museum walking and historical places, there are a few of them you can visit too.
One of them is the Deoksu Gong!

In overall, Korea been treating me well. If you want to know more about my experience in Korea, sound off below and I will reply you ASAP! 

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Signing off!
Have fun!

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