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说到购物有哪个女人不心动?虽知购物一向不止女人的权利,而是大家的消遣的权益(哈哈)。由于大马的民众购物能力已达天文数字(真有其事),Astro在今年一月新推出的Go Shop 更是购物迷的佳音!真是“却不踏出门,却能买天下物!”
Shopping is no longer only for the women but also for everyone! According to some marketing research, Malaysian spends A LOT on shopping, no joke, A LOT. Now, the new multiplatform lifestyle shopping channel, Go Shop, is now available in Mandarin! It’s definitely another level of shopping experience!

为了让消费者体验这无与伦比的购物享受,Go Shop如今更是推出期待已久的高清格式中文频道 Astro 318 所以现在有了中文 频道和2015年一月推出的马来文频道118,网路和移动电子商务平台!
The long awaited Mandarin Channel 318 in HD is the second channel from Go Shop. First Go Shop Channel 118 in Bahasa launched in January 2015. Go Shop is now launching Channel 318 in Mandarin, building on the success of Channel 118 in Bahasa.

如果你还不知道Go Shop是何等圣物,你就不是购物迷了!简介来说Go Shop犹如电视购物,但是却不止提供在单一电视而已,更是提供于网络与电子商务消费,所以真的很方便!你可以先看了再买,而且Go Shop不止方便,还很安全。它们有退货政策,保修和西马福利 - 免费运费!
Still not knowing what is Go Shop? You are no fans of shopping! In short, Go shop is like TV shopping channel, but you don’t actually can watch them from TV alone, but also on other digital platforms like internet. Hence, it’s so convenient and Go Shop also provided free shipping for Penisular Malaysia, as well as return policy & warranties. So much love!

好吧, 来看看我在Go Shop 中文频道正式推出的照片,看看谁是GO SHOP的代言人!
新秀季军EZen, 华裔小姐Emily,职业母亲Ying LingAEC主持人Jenny, 还有艺人Emely!还有没在照片的凯心和何海其。
Alright, let us check out more of what I did during the Go Shop Mandarin Channel 318 launch,check out their ambassadors as well! From left to right, Ezen from Astro Talent Quest, Emily the Miss Astro Chinese International, Ying Ling the working mother, AEC host Jenny and Emely the artist. Also their ambassadors include Catherine and Ho Hai Chyi (not in the picture). 

当然,也少不了颜微恩和贾森。第一次见贾森真人好真实 的感觉!我说贾森你好帅可是你不热吗? 哈哈
Of couse, the ambassadors include Gan Mei Yan and Jason Phang  from My Fm. 

Long awaited selfie

看到Laneige, 怎能不试用!我看我可以做试用模特儿了我。哈哈
Trying the products that Astro Go Shop selects! They also selling Laneige!

And the 100% authentic  Red Ginseng.

Look at this gym bike, you can work out when you watch TV at home yo!

我认证了当天几种产品, Go Shop 都真卖不错的牌子的产品,看来大家真能放心购买哟!其实我个人是想买那个那个果汁机啦~有人要送我生日礼物吗!看过价若无误才RM1488 Slow Juicer咧。
I’ve tried a few items that Go Shop includes in their selling list, they are all not bad and shoppers definitely can shop at peace of mine. My favorite goes to their Slow Juicer and it’s only RM1488 if not mistaken. It’s my birthday soon and you know what to do! :D

所以如果想要看人示范,就收看Astro Go Shop 吧!记得华语频道318哟!
更多详情,快上到 或者 了解哟!
Ok, remember to check Astro Go Shop at or for more information!

Signing off! Happy shopping!

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