Carbon Peel with Sliq Clinic

They say beauty comes with a price.
And since we are all not born perfect and if a little aesthetic procedure helps, I don't see a problem with it. Especially when the food we eat, the air we inhale are no longer that clean and natural anymore, we definitely need some technology in reviving those cells under the skin!

And need not say how much I hated my dull skin and large pores. As I have mentioned earlier on my previous CO2 Fractional Laser post, that no one treatment can minimize all the large pores, so I visited Sliq Clinic again this month. This is the third time I paid a visit to Sliq Clinic.

Sliq Clinic offers a lot of non invasive aesthetic procedures, and is well known with their laser procedures. After my first visit and laser treatment with them, I decided to come back for another laser treatment as I'm highly satisfied with the improvement on my skin.

This time, Dr Steve introduced me to a Carbon Peel procedure that can improve my dullness, acne scars, with zero downtime. Also, this treatment is priced at a much affordable range that the previous laser (tho effectiveness varies as well). Hence, I take this as an "intensive monthly facial treatment".

Carbon Peel is a treatment suitable for oily/acne skin, dullness, uneven skin tone and open pore problems. It has instant and long term effect.
First, get your skin checked and analysed.

Dr Steve says this treatment is very popular among the youngster and this laser only takes about 5 minutes and the procedure include preparation is about 20 minutes. He also patiently explained to me what my skin condition is and how it needed to be taken care of, as usual.

After that, I was sent to the room to get my skin cleansed and prepped.
And next, the nurse carefully applied carbon on my face.

Dr Steve then started his procedure after placing protective gear on my eyes.
After the laser scanned through, the carbon on the face immediately evaporated off.

Leaving a more glowy skin.

This is a picture after treatment with Dr Steve, mind you I have put zero foundation on my face! Look at that healthy glow!

I have friends that ask me there are other aesthetic clinics that sponsor treatment and why I insist doing it at Dr. Steve's? Because when you step into Sliq Clinic, you really feel like home. And Dr. Steve effort and passion towards aesthetic treatment and his customer can easily be seen. He always makes sure he update his clinic's gadgets.

Making sure it's up to date and helps maximizing the customer benefits.

Look at this selfie I took before and after. 
The light tone might vary due to the angle, but look at forehead and cheek, they glow. 
Also, 2 weeks after the treatment, my skin is getting better each day. :) Looking forward to the next carbon peel next month. 

So, if you're looking for laser treatment or carbon peel, I highly recommend Sliq Clinic!
For those who curious how much of my procedure costs, it's only MYR600.
Also, they have package prices and a promotion in November!!!

Go to Sliq Clinic Facebook check out their promotional price HERE.

Sliq Clinic
First floor unit 19, 
Oasis village, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 
Oasis Damansara 47301 
PJ, Selangor

Phone: 017-2775580

Signing off! 
My flawless skin! :)

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