How to save BLEACHED, DRY hair

No doubt that bleaching the hair is one of the ways to achieve more dynamic and vibrant color we don't have and we won't have. Speaking of experience, it was indeed the right decision that I decided to bleach my hair 4 years ago.

I've started with dip-dyed with bleaching only the ends, 2 times whole head bleaching that go blonde. 4 times or so of different tone of purple, and now ombre lavender grey.

Also, it never fails to catch the attention from everyone and also in case someone forgets me, they never forget my hair. It is so vain to say but it really made a difference in my life, especially experiencing all the attention and learning to cope with it.

But let's face it, bleached hair doesn't last.
Especially weeks after being bleached, shampooing the hair washes away the moisture that was once sealed under your hair cuticle, broken by bleaching agents.

And now you are sourcing for help, for that dull frizzy dry tangled hair you refuse to chop off.

My solution for maintaining the bleached hair is putting tons of serum and oil in my hair before shower, replace conditioner with treatment cream and then do hair masks during the shower for at least 5 minutes, also, not washing the hair often. 

If you've saw me doing all my treatments, you'll be definitely baffled by how many hair products I've owned and I even gave away lots of products once a year, JUST TO FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCT for my hair.

BUT if my way is going to help, why are there salons out there?
Because we do not own all the professional tools that help improve the results.

I've went to Haircode Academy last month to try out their moisture hair mask, and I must say it was aaaaamaazing. ( FYI, nobody is paying me to say this. )

Reason so is 2 weeks and half later, I went to my usual hair salon and asked my hairdresser if I need a haircut or trim. He said :

"I thought you hair just trimmed no? No white dots woh."

For the first time, my hair condition is so good that even my hairdresser didn't realize that I've not trimmed my hair for 2 months!
I'm baffled at how lasting the hair treatment was.

If you did not know, white dots are usually found at the end of your hair and it's a sign of breakage and lack of moisture. Usually it happens to bleached hair or dyed hair. If it's not trimmed, split ends will form.

After my long winded story, we all know treatment at home is so important but splurging on professionals with professional tools once a month or two is totally worth it, especially for girls with long hair.

And the hair treatment I received is called:
KeraStraight Protein Mask

The hairdresser shows how wet hair can be tangled but immediately become smooth and untangled after the treatment cream is put on.

The special part of this treatment is that they use Good Hair Day dryer to dry your treatment cream just to SEAL the keratin into your hair. After that they wash away the residue. 
To achieve the ultimate result, a heater is used to dry the hair completely, as heat will transform the protein cream to keratin. 

The Good Hair Day heat plate has the technology making sure the heat is always at 160 degrees even if used on wet hair. This is to ensure that the hair is not damaged as lower heat temperatures will not achieve the ultimate result and any heat temperatures higher will cause damage to hair. 

And even my friend actually asked me how that my hair can be so healthy after that. 
Seriously my friend, this treatment cut down a lot of hair care for a lazy bum like me. 

Look at Jan hair which also highly bleached.

So silky and no split ends!

A photo session of me with my good hair and one of the hairdressers.

 Of course, like I always say, hair care did the maintenance.
Got this set of hair care products and feeling wonderful.

I must say if you are buying this set or plan to buy, my favorite is the conditioner.

I usually don't opt for conditioner as it is oily and useless to me but KeraStraight conditioner feels like serum when applied on my wet hair.
It absorbs quickly and is not oily at all.

For the treatment mask, it is just like how I got serviced from the salon.
I will have to first put the cream on my hair after towel dry.Next, blow dry the hair completely, let the mask sets in. Then, wash it off again.

The routine is rather tedious but I try to do it at least once a week and trust me, it's worth every single cent. This is because the treatment not just plain helps smooth the surface of your damaged hair but actually strengthens them, the effect stays.
Not many other treatments last a few days out there.

Recently I stopped oil treatment at home and let it go a bit raw.
My hair is still pretty healthy for bleached and dyed hair.

Totally recommend it.
But just in case you are wondering where to get all these goodies, they are not sold in retail.

Only at 
No. A-6-2, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
Jalan SS7/13A, 47301 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
H/P: 012-5055511

or their distributing partners like 
A Cut Above group of salons.

Signing off,
Go fluffy hair go!

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