Nose Filler with Sliq Clinic

I finally have time to post about my nose filler! I had nose filler done last month and I really love the result!!!

If you're interested to know more about the nose filler, keep reading!

If you've followed my posts earlier, you should know that I'm really really obsessed with perfect skin and I've made a few visits to Sliq Clinic for what they are renowned for, their lasers. Because Dr Steve and I share the same vision, what are beautiful features without a beautiful face?

And a day before I flew to Hawaii, I decided to go for a nose filler at Sliq Clinic. I know, I am already very pretty and I don't need a nose job (haha).But for the longest time (since I’ve known about beauty), I’ve always hated my nose. 

That typical Asian garlic-look nose, fml.
No mama, ain't nobody complaining for what you gave me.
This is a picture taken a few years back then.
Error 404: no nose bridge found.

I had the thought to "revamp" my features ever since I was 16 and I've researched a lot on nose jobs. But true enough, I've never stepped out to make the commitment and nose jobs are not cheap. Imagine that you paid for your new nose and you hated it, but you have not enough money to reverse the result, fml. 

When I was in Sliq Clinic, I had small talks with Dr. Steve on nose fillers and I understand that nose fillers can achieve almost a similar result (on nose bridge especially) and on a few extra notes: 

1. It's reversible and safe
Unlike Rhinoplasty (nose job), Hyaluronic acid (filler) is actually a substance that our body possesses. It can be shaped and also it will absorb into the body eventually. Hence, the risk of infection and rejection is minimal. Also, Dr Steve mentioned if I'm not happy with the outcome, I can always reverse the effect by using enzymes as it is enzyme soluble. 

2. It'snon permanent
Although that some of us might find this as a flaw of aesthetic fillers, but I personally find this a minimal commitment and can be beneficial to those who wouldn't want a long-term commitment on the nose. (the effect last varies from 1 year to 2 years, depends on individual lifestyle)

3. Zero to 1 week downtime
Rhinoplasty usually takes way longer to recover and to look natural, but the effect is way more prominent. However for people like me who opt for natural and zero downtime, filler is the option. The nose gets slightly swollen for 1 to 3 days. Some even do the procedure during lunch break of their work and get back to work immediately after.

But just in case you didn't know, there are actually plenty of fillers our there, however, not all are FDA certified.If you are looking for cheap fillers, chances are you might be getting a non-certified filler. And the worse scenario is that you might ruin your nose if it is not certified.

That is why I choose Sliq Clinic and Dr Steve.
Because he understands what is beauty and how to achieve it with the safest procedure.
I remember when we had small talks on some people that underwent plastic surgery and how to judge them (who's prettier or not), I am very satisfied that our beauty vision is aligned.

Tips from me to those who wish to go for any aesthetic procedure, always AlwaysALWAYS talk to your Dr about the person who’s look you wish to achieve, how he thinks about that, how you like it and show lots of examples and pictures. Make sure the Dr knows what you need, and what you want.

At last, after the long wait.
I get numb cream applied to my nose for 20minutes.

And there it goes.
Dr Steve carefully injects the filler, making sure it's at the right places. 

He massages the nose after that, making sure it's shaped nicely.

And patiently added on a little by little. 
Because I mentioned that I wouldn't want it look too over the top.

The result, is immediate. Below is the picture of me 30 minutes after the injection.

By knowing that I actually own a humble little blog, Dr Steve agree to giveaway my readers 15% offer for facial /laser treatment (non-promotional item only) using this code: 


This offer code will only be effective until February so for those who want get a prettier face or sharper nose before Christmas and Chinese New Year, don't say I never tell chu!

Signing off, 
Go be beautiful! :D

Clinic contact:

SLIQ clinicF1-19, Oasis Village, Oasis Square, 

No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Ara Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya.

Tel:- 017-277 5580 03-7831 6893Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Signing off, 
Go be beautiful! :D

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  1. wow the effect is great and natural eh!! I LIKE :D

  2. you are being very brave to do the filler and it looks good after the filler. good info.

  3. asians have an obsession with high nose bridge, yet westerners think we look amazing without haha. anyways, you look beautiful as always.

  4. Just one injection and get this awesome result. That's cool!

  5. Carina, yours can really see the different. The nose bridge is heightened and your face look sharper. I would like to try also.

  6. For vanity sake I would try this but part of me scared of what's the effect of doing this long term and is it worth it?

  7. The difference is quite clear dear and I have to say that the result looks great. Everything seems to be heightened to look sharper as well and love the effect that it brings to your face. Cheers :)

  8. So with numb cream don't feel anything???? I am terrified of needles... hahahah

  9. owh, u done it also. the result is so obvious! looks good with you. natural :)

  10. Wow your nose looks a whole lot better now. What a nice way to get pretty nose sans the surgery.

  11. I love how fast the treatment was. Its great for people on the go. Wishing im as daring as you babe! I hate needles. Hehe

  12. Wow, so much different the before and after, will bookmark this for my beauty reference :)

  13. leng lui! now with a higher nose bridge! good looking.

  14. ohh...thanks for sharing this new beauty technology :) can really note the visible high nose of u after it :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. @fish you should try it now i think they still have on going promotion!

  16. @arisa to be honest maybe not long term wise as it can be pretty expensive for me. But I think it's good investment before you go for permanent nose job.

  17. @miera yeap, I didnt feel anything at all!

  18. @aliza for the sake of beauty!!!


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