This Happened to me on Tinder...

Hi. If you actually have this little fire logo on your phone, I suppose you need someone to put out your fire down there. *smirk*

For those who don't know, Tinder is actually a dating app. However, I was told that it was vastly used to find fuck buddies around you. Well, sex indeed is still a taboo deeply rooted among Asian community. If you are talking about it, you are being judge as an inappropriate person. And fuck buddies might be a mantra for most western people, but it's still very very odd that people would talk about it openly here.

I am very reserved. Especially come to this kind of dating app. I found it full of bullocks if you tell me you are looking for someone serious from a bunch of people who are just looking for easy fucks. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also, I found myself very much exposed and vulnerable putting myself out there, allowing all random walks of life people swiping me.

It's "like look at me, I am out for display!"

I can't help being skeptical when I first downloaded the app 2 years ago because my friend told me she is dating someone from Tinder. "What if he rapes you" is the only question I wanted to ask. But I choked on my words whilst listening to how perfect this relationship brought her joy. And I deleted the app after.

Days ago, Darren mentioned about me on Tinder.
I was terrified. I was still out there being swiped by dodgy people!


I re-downloaded it to figure out the app on how to delete the account.
But it's funny I got hooked. -_____________-
I found it rather amusing and at the same time fun swiping people to the left (left means nope).

And I get little clumsy at first I accidentally "super like" some guys that I intend to swipe left. And the awkward moment when Tinder tell me "It's a match". It's so stupid when this guy actually texted me too.

In Tinder for days, I found that there are a few types of people. 
There are people that are really up front.
They are looking for SEX. SEX. SEX. 

Nobody's gonna know.... 

Also there are some are "doing the branding and marketing right" guy.
Although, putting a hot body picture next to a pool isn't enough to justify his sleek "marketing strategy".
His profile is a proof of neat job done. Fitness consultant. EXTREMELY HORNY and physically active! Also, contact him for great prices for branded stuff.

Point 1: He wont buy you branded if you sleep with him. You got great prices tho.
Point 2: Physically active, exclamation mark. Means he can do you again and again. Very horny.
How smart is this guy?
His target audience is obviously horny women that enjoy this body.

Or there are people like "little Shakespeare".
Man, where did you copy that from? Summary of a chick flick.
"Take you to my cave". I need a good laugh on that.

I really enjoy swiping people left and right. It's almost like a HR job looking at resumes from all walks of dodgy people. I can't help being skeptical okay!!!! Like this guy, he asked me if I play instrument. Does he just drop me a sign if I could blow his instrument? 

Also, there might be girls out there looking for girls for a little frisky snapchats. 
She literally unmatched me, so I can't SS our conversation. 

Last but not least, we have people that look very hopeful to life like this one.
I don't know but can't help thinking if the background music for this guy is "When you believe".

Anyway, if you are out there on Tinder, please be really careful. 
It can be really dangerous or fun. Just always remember to take good care of yourself!

Unless you are looking for something fun, this is really not a good place to look from.
Anyway, I had my 3 days of fun. I've deleted the app and it's been a good source of laughter for me. JUDGE ME ALL YOU CAN I DON'T CARE!!!!!! 

Signing out, 
Nobody will knows.... haha

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  1. This is hilarious, and scary. Tinder came out after Dean and I met, so your post is one of my first "experiences" with it. It's a crazy world out there!

  2. Have heard so many story on Tinder haha. Now I know there are so many sick and crazy ppl out there

  3. That was a most interesting story... Hahaha .. yeah, done that before and realise how many sexually frustrated or one night stand seeking people are out there...and well, Tinders not the only place these people find sex partners.. there are so many other friendship or dating sites too out there... huhuhu

  4. @Miera Please be careful!! Because it's so dangerous out there and they might not intend the same or just some sugar coated "true love"

  5. @rane Unless you are ready for some "fun" haha

  6. @C Yeap, some dating website weren't legit. That's why when you tell me bout you and Dean I'm shocked! :D

  7. uhh... babe, you have a boyfriend, no?

  8. @mel ng hi mel, yeap i do. But i got a green light to go see what is out there in the sea of hot guys huhu. dont worry, i've deleted the app!


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