What My Dad Told Me


I must have not told a lot of people. Well, unless you asked, or else I don't usually reveal.
I am an open book after all, but not until you start flipping it. 

My parents weren't people that I thought I would be proud of. Especially in the early days, when I am in the much younger, teenage dream years. Being rebellious, I even detested them. That's how come I don't really talk about them that much. 

I didn't come from a very wealthy background, so I blamed them a lot for hardships in life. I'm not really proud of doing this, but this is what I did when I was little. 

But one thing I must say, they love me a lot. 
So much when I think about it now, it gave me goosebumps. That kind of love that every Asian parents would give their kids, they do it cause they want the best for their kids, in their Asian parents way. 

When I was 15, my family faced our biggest struggle in life. Long story short, we are poor and by poor here means the money we have can only pay for our food. We couldn't afford the slightest extravagance or waste. And sometimes, we had porridge for dinner. 

But if you were a friend of mine since then, you would have known these troubles never existed. Because my dad still pays me pocket money and I worked part time. Being independent doesn't makes me cute, especially for my dad. My dad once says this to me, and I remembered it till now. 

"Why would you want to work? This is the time where you focus on your studies. You like to work, you have a lifetime for you to work after this." 

I never understood back then. 
How I wish I wasn't that shallow.

Years after, our family financials still teetering on the edge, so I started working in a sales dept and I wasn't happy even tho my sales results was good. I wasn't happy because I feel like I don't belong there.  I was thinking about going back to study but we don't have the money.  So, I went to take my STPM. 

My dad told me. 
"Don't worry about the money. We will figure it out." 

After years in university, I wasn't really the one short with cash. Friends always thought I am "rich" and being really generous on spending. But the fact is, they didn't know what I faced before. Also, no matter how poor we are, my dad never short pay me on allowance. 

And now, I am back from USA for almost 3 months and this is the 1st month I'm looking for a job. (at last!) For those who have concerns about me and my life, being really "nice" asking me why I am still jobless, thank you very much. but I am currently not rushing for a job. I don't want to settle for something that I won't like doing, a boss that doesn't appreciate my effort or a field that is stale and not growing.

Like my dad told me.
"There's a lifetime for you to work, settle for what makes you happy." 

But also, 
"Don't stay rely on others and counting on your husband, you'll soon lost track with society. And when you have nobody to rely on, you'll still have yourself, your career." 

For the best dad from all the good dads in the world, I thank you. 
For you may not be the best, but you are being the best of you.
I was being taught and raised in difficult times. I was really grateful for what and how I was raised. 

Signing off, 
Happy belated father's day. 

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  1. your dad was indeed a wise man and gave you good advice.. I wish I had a dad like that.. unfortunately my dad did not give a damn about me after he divorced my mother and my mother? She made me her punching bag....

  2. Your dad is great. Despite being as poor as you described, you still went to the USA for your education. Not that bad. All the best in your future undertakings.

  3. Well done Uncle! He is a wise man, and glad he has advise you the right way. Keep it up Carina

  4. @miera I'm really sorry darling.... But you raise and taught your girls well!

  5. @emily That was later. And I earn my own money on that! Nothing from parents! :D

  6. @Rane @Pamle : Thank you!


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