Before You Graduate...

My friend asks me,

"so how is your job so far?"


There is research somewhere I read, that says the Gen Y population are not happy.
To summarize the findings, we are being brought up with our parents who are way too optimistic towards our future. Simply because everyone's expectation that a university degree will guarantee a good paying job is no longer an absolute truth.

Education is easy and common.
We all should really accept the fact that, owning a degree doesn't make you stand out from everyone else, you are just getting a pass to become the same with everyone else.

After I come back from the States and endured 3 weeks of interviews of looking for a job, I realized a few things that most students should know before they graduate:

1. Don't take co-curriculum for granted. 
Trust me, classes are bullshit. Unless your degree deals heavily on analytical and human sciences and facts, you should really focus on your co-curricular activities. A lot of soft skills are learnt, experienced and practiced. No matter how many thousand times you read about how to run an event, if you never run an event, you will never know about the real shits you go thru that text books called "obstacles".

Also, did a textbook tell you about how to deal with obstacles called "people"?
Experience tells me they are shitty.

2. Make full use of your counselor.
I never know why schools actually have counselors and I'm always the skeptical ceena that keeps away from them. Because I was once told that counselors are for "problematic" students. But one conversation with my friend many years later made me realize counselors are not for crazy people and what they did for students gave me a super favorable impression.

When I asked her about how she knew so much about scholarships and things that I don't know, she told me she hung out most of the time with the counselor although they are basically the resources of all students. Damn, I never knew! Really, I should have made an appointment with them. They probably also tell you where's the cheapest nasi lemak you can get around your college/uni.

3. Make friends that you want to belong to. 
A lot of people make friends for the sake of making friends. I realized this too late but we really should make friends with people we would like to learn from. The more you want to feel belonged to a certain "tag", the more you should hang out with people with the "tag". For example, if you want to become a successful designer, you should make friends with successful designers or those who are great at it.

Always remember, you can't fly like an eagle if you keep hang with hen.

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  1. A very useful blog post here for those who are about to graduate or fresh graduates. I hope that after all those interviews, you have finally found a job. A boss once told me that an employee should 'not do what she loves but do what the boss loves.' There is some truth in that......

  2. @emily yep! found one. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  3. Great write up.. this is what all students should read up on.. Carina jieh jieh gives all the little brothers and sisters good advice

  4. @miera thanks miera! I think I should consider becoming a counsellor hahah

  5. very wise words babe! Haha and its so true! Wish someone told me this when i was younger :p

  6. I know right! I have the exact same feelings as you!

  7. Quite true piece. Not everyone is shitty la, there are some kind souls in this world.

  8. @gengqian Thank you for commenting! Haha. I'm being too drama am I?

  9. Nice guide for those who wanna graduate ! I'm been dilemma before i graduate whether continue further study or just working..haha

  10. I graduated long long time ago.. But it's a great guide for those whom just graduate... :)

  11. Ha...ha...have graduated so long...your post recalled some of my memories when I 1st graduated though...some good reflection :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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