"Hey babe, wanna work on a business together? I have a business opportunity!" 
This is all how it started. 

There was this one time I told my friend I was once a MLM "investor". And I caught her off surprise that I wasn't even 3 weeks old in this business. True enough, I was told that I could sell anything and everything. But that's not true, one thing I never master selling till now is lies, and friendship.

Just in case you didn't know, MLM is multi level marketing.

I've been itching to share about my MLM story, but it always ended up on hold because I thought people would make fun of me on how naive I was but oh well, I've at last decided to leave it in the open.

Here's the story.
Back a few years ago, one of my close friends talked to me about her online business. We were so close back then. She was a very outspoken, dedicated and passionate girl, someone that I used to look up to.

However, things changed.

She called me up one day. She requested for a meetup to talk about "business opportunity". I agreed, out of greed of wanting to be a success. And that was the day I was being introduced to "World Ventures". She requested me to make a quick move, pay it now. Speaking as if it's solely from herself. I fall for it. Paying thousands for it, taking a leap of faith of it's the calling from the universe that it's my success story next.

It wasn't a lie, maybe.
But it was all GIMMICKs.

And the fact that I fell for it, makes me feel how dumb I am.
We attended all the classes and talks together. And they have all these "successful" trainers tell us how to sell it to our close friends. And all the tricks and gimmicks shown was performed on me by my friend and how I realize it's too late and I've paid.

It's like money that I paid with my own blood and sweat so I have to make the mistake worth while.

Those days were filled with sleepless night thinking who is my next prey. Man, this is as intense as Hunger Games, I was struggling. But I decided to cut it loose at last, because for one request she made that make me see it clear.

The trainers said "Your boyfriend should support you, because if he wants you to be successful, he will join. Make him come, we will talk to him. Let him pay!"

MLM wasn't a new scheme to me. I was being exposed since very young, probably 14 or so. I never joined because I watched them fail. But I have no say about the scheme, as every marketing has it's ups and downs, pros and cons. I've come to a realization the problem with MLM wasn't MLM itself, it's the people who are selling MLM.

The problem, is my friend here.
Friendship shouldn't about gimmicks and forcefully make someone feel bad about not "supporting" you.

I guess people lose friends in life for a reason.
And I guess mine is this.

This blog post is solely my own opinion. Take it or leave.

Signing off,
Genuine is my mantra.

I love traveling more than anything and one of the things I anticipate about our wedding next March, is my free "sponsored" trip from Leon. I know, free travel is the best. Tell me in the comment where are the best honeymoon places! I could really use some advice!

Last month, Leon and I went to Batu Caves. Despite the place being slightly dirty, everything is amazing. The gold color enormous statue is jaw dropping and overwhelming. I stood in awe when I had the chance to see it in front of me. 

Fun fact about Malaysia's Batu Caves is we have the second tallest Hindu deity statue in the world!

The stairs are really steep to walk.
These steps are almost 90 degrees up but it's a healthy Sunday activity for both of us!

I took every step cautiously and comfortable shoes play a big role here.
The shoes I am wearing are from Skechers.

You will see a lot of monkeys on your way, be really careful not to step on them! 
It's quite a sight but definitely feeding is not encouraged, but you will see lots of people feeding pigeons and monkeys anyway.

The scenery feels like another world.

Some interesting cave ceiling spikes formed due to.... (insert science and geology here)

Some say that if you manage to carry your love one and walk to the top, your love will last forever.
Looks like forever is only for strong couples, we just took a picture instead.

 One side note for ladies, Always remember to wear clothing that is long enough to cover your knees.
Or else, you'll have to pay RM5 to rent a shawl. Refund the shawl after the visit tho, you'll get back RM2.

Overall, we spent RM3 because of the rental of the shawl, and RM2 for the inevitable parking fees. There's other alternatives to go Batu Caves but I still find driving the easiest. 

Signing off,
Panting but fun!

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