" Scrolling my Facebook... "

Currently I am messaging 3 people right now... 

I haven't contacted with any of them for years. They are all doing good. 
For some reasons, I teared. 
My unable to let go my feelings yesterday during Eric's dad funeral was the cause I suspected. 

Recalling Eric's story about his dad yesterday, makes me question about my dispute with my mom this morning. 

In the car.

In the toilet. 

In the cubicle. 

The world is so big, but yet the circle is so small. 
Someone's friend is my colleague.
My colleague is my friend's sister. 

Yet we hold so much grudges about others everyday. 
It's so easy to hate. 

Hate my colleague passing by not saying "hi" this morning. 

Hate my client never read my email rejecting my offer about a marketing project.

Hate my cubicle so close to aircond and I'm sneezing all time.

And the hate list go on. 

And today I learn that I should appreciate.
I learned that long ago, but yet I should be reminded again and again, how grateful I am. 

To be with you. 
Writing this post. 

I texted my mom trying to reconcile.  

After all, we are all passbyers in each other life. 
Some stays for a while, some stays longer while. 
But everyone have to leave one day. 

I need to cherish this.

Signing off, 
Staying strong.

"And I got paid RM8.30 for my shopping, that's almost 8% of my shopping!"

If only shopping was a job, I would be willing to do it for free. Especially online shopping, it's like waiting for someone to deliver your parcel like at Christmas, can't wait to tear off those boxes in gift wrap paper.

I was about to ask who else loves online shopping... But... don't even bother to raise your hands because I know everyone shops online!

Lately I was shopping and trying this latest discount and cashback site in Malaysia that guarantees you getting your "loyalty benefits" by giving you cash back! I was being really skeptical at first but HARD COLD CASH back, who's gonna say no? If you shop under their platform, they pay you back the extra discount in cash! Sure annot...

It just so happens that I was about to shop with Althea and stock up on more Korea skincare and makeup anyway,  so I am thinking to give ShopBack a try.
So I check in and register an account with ShopBack.
Earn cashback together with Althea coupons here!

Here is my August haul!

And I check my account and realize I make some money!
Never thought that I'm would be getting RM8.30 back! It actually works! Wow.

Took me a while for the money to be reflected on my account. I lost my patience at first so I emailed them about it. I was furious but lucky they were very pretty friendly and patient on dealing with my problem.

So apparently ShopBack covered most of the brands that you must have heard of! They have most of the big brands online and some of them are really my favourites.  You definitely won't miss out with stores like Expedia, Tesco, Lazada, Hermo, Althea and many more. I was so impressed with the list.

Even Zalora!

It's a really cool platform and very easy to use.
I would say the only downside is you must cancel your adblock before you shop, also the cash is only redeemable from 30~90 days. Mostly depends on the merchant.

But guess what? The rewards ShopBack gives is the extra money you get back on top of your usual discount and spendings! I guess no harm to wait a bit.

For those keen on trying, use my referral code please? So both of us are getting RM5 from ShopBack! Just click HERE!

I guess it's time to try out my Shampoo Bar from Althea now. Tell you all peeps about the verdict of this soap bar soon!

Find the best beauty deals online click here!

Signing off,
Happy Shopping!

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