Passing By Your life...

" Scrolling my Facebook... "

Currently I am messaging 3 people right now... 

I haven't contacted with any of them for years. They are all doing good. 
For some reasons, I teared. 
My unable to let go my feelings yesterday during Eric's dad funeral was the cause I suspected. 

Recalling Eric's story about his dad yesterday, makes me question about my dispute with my mom this morning. 

In the car.

In the toilet. 

In the cubicle. 

The world is so big, but yet the circle is so small. 
Someone's friend is my colleague.
My colleague is my friend's sister. 

Yet we hold so much grudges about others everyday. 
It's so easy to hate. 

Hate my colleague passing by not saying "hi" this morning. 

Hate my client never read my email rejecting my offer about a marketing project.

Hate my cubicle so close to aircond and I'm sneezing all time.

And the hate list go on. 

And today I learn that I should appreciate.
I learned that long ago, but yet I should be reminded again and again, how grateful I am. 

To be with you. 
Writing this post. 

I texted my mom trying to reconcile.  

After all, we are all passbyers in each other life. 
Some stays for a while, some stays longer while. 
But everyone have to leave one day. 

I need to cherish this.

Signing off, 
Staying strong.

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  1. life is short cherish love one. time really pass fast.. need plan well.

  2. Life is short. Cherish all your friends and your loved ones instead before you feel regret later.

  3. It is most certain that life goes by on a pace that you might not be able to catch up to, but the bonds that you create along the way is known to be cherished always :) No worries dear, as long as a effort is made from both ends from time to time, you will always appreciate what you have <3

  4. People come and go in our life. Some go for a short while, some go forever. We just have to learn to cope somehow.

  5. @jane chua yeap life's brief candle! haha. literature in high school done well.

  6. @pen my blog And now I cherish this comment you wrote. Thank you so much babe.

  7. @emily i guess it's always easier to say than done but i will try harder!

  8. Sometimes in life there are moments that affect us more significantly than others, and you're right! Hang on to those fleeting moments and cherish them to the best of our abilities before they're gone. <3

  9. Life still go on. We all should look forward!! All the best ;)

  10. There is always a cloud whatever we do.. but we have to look at the silver lining and appreciate each moment as it comes...learn from bad experiences and mistakes and treasure wonderful moments... hahahah

  11. Yes, it is so easy to hate, depending at your mindset, good morning and have a blast weekend :)


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