"I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid 🎶" 

So I being the new era princess, brought my prince to the new sky dining spot in Trillion KL earlier. If you happened to be around, can really check it out. Probably new hanging spot for those sky dining lover. 


Started off with a warm onion soup. 
Not your usual creamy type and it's definitely A-list for comfort food. 

Jul is super happy with her soup.

Next with the trio bruschetta.

Wasn't sure if it's my birthday but everyone is there today. Hello.  

Food here definitely up to par, despite the food decoration is oddly hilarious.
This is Leon's main dish, beef tenderloin. It is very flavorful and strongly recommended for those who love beef.

My choice is always the lamb.
Give me my cutlet, and I'm happy for days. Lovely flavor, good presentation and perfect doneness.

Dessert is like a sweet ending for a good story.
Not too fancy for this story ending but everyone liked it very much. Just me cannot deal with mousse but mousse fans should really go for this.

Good food with good companion that night. 

And of course it's always great to meet her again. 
Staphhh it babe. Not returning any kisses. lol. 

Roofino has a very interesting landscape. 
The bar and dining area is separated. The dining area is indoor with glasshouse. 
You can always dine with a view of the best Kuala Lumpur. I believe it's also a very good choice for intimate wedding. 

 Or a private photo shooting session. Any takers?

Parking lot can be slightly confusing tho.
But just remember to go in the Trillion building and you are good to go!

Roofino Skydining & Bar
34th Floor, Trillion KL,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
50400 Malaysia

Opening hours is from 12pm to 3am
FB: https://www.facebook.com/roofinokl/

Signing off,
More wine please!

"Not just fancy, but also incredibly delicious"

I am no food blogger but this is really worth sharing. 

I work around Kelana Jaya and my colleagues and I often dine here. 
At first we were thinking just to give it a try. But the food there are really not just fancy and incredibly delicious, the pricing wise are pretty reasonable too. 

I think that has to do with the location of the shop. 
It's at Kelana Square, Zenith Park. 

Their shop theme is cute bears. 
Every food you order there are specially designed and look really cute. 
My first thought about cute food were "confirm no naise one" 
But this signature chocolate mousse cake really proved me wrong!
And, it's only RM8.90.

This is their macha chocolate cheese cake.
Personally think it's just alright, but the ingredient they use, the red bean at the bottom, can really delight you and satisfy your craving on dessert.

I ordered ice chocolate and they drew a cute art on top.

I checked other bloggers reviewed them and can't wait to try these my next visit. 
Their signature 3D bear mocha.
picture credit

Also, their big breakfast.
picture credit

I usually order my set lunch there for RM12.90 (chicken chop with cheesy nachos SUPERB AWESOME), they serve me chicken chop with one choice of drinks between pineapple tea and oolong tea. 

Their in house design are way too cute for my likings but it's really unique. 
picture credit

Guess it's one of the must visit cafe if you are around Kelana Jaya PJ. 
I remember Genee once requested to meet here but they are close on Monday!

So, don't go on Monday, cause it's their off day.

Working hours:
Flavourest Cafe
Zenith Park
SS7, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tuesday- Friday : 10am to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flavourest/timeline

Signing off,
Bear with me!

"just 3 months, significant brighter face tone" 

Funny how I never know how all these supplements really work and how to tell does it really work on you. 

Despite I'm really fair, my face have this dull tone that i couldn't really get rid off unless a tad bit of those foundation or color correctors. Especially the dark circles.

Steve know about my problem for quite some time and he ask me to try Lucent. 
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST just that you know. 

As you can see, I've consuming these pills for a while. 
It's trusted that helping people with skin problems like dull and dark skin. 

When I first get my hands on Lucent, my first impression is 
"I hate tomatoes" 
I hate tomatoes and I can slightly taste the "tomato-ness" when I am taking these pills and I am so dreaded. 

Lucent have these in the formulation and trusted can aid in glowing and radiant skin. They are the 
i) Phytofloral
ii) Vitamin C Palmitate
iii) N-Acetyl Cysteine 
iv) CoQ10

(Brighten and lighten the skin, protect DNA damage from oxidative stress, protects from harmful rays, inhabit melanin synthesis to prevent skin pigmentation and collagen degradation. Slow signs of aging, support immune system and brighten skin complexion. Promote metabolism and fatty acid synthesis, improve the appearance of skin and hair ,help prevent liver damage and raise glutathione level in blood. Rejuvenate cells and help to neutralize harmful free radicals, antioxidant, reduce effects of photo-aging)

...blah blah SCIENCE.

It's a long science talk. 
You can read it when you got one box of Lucent. 1 box is good for 1 month. (60 tablets)
2 pills a day 15 minutes before meal in the morning and night and you are good to go. 

What I think about Lucent after 1 month consuming?
Honestly speaking, it doesn't have a significant change in term of fairer. But to be fair, (get the pun?) I do feel that my skin condition is brighter and more supple. 
You can't expect you bought a box of supplement and bam! you are snow white.
Well, you might. But it doesn't happened to me. So, every single consumer will react differently. (I suppose I get less because my digestive system is weak, true story) 

Side effect? 
So far I do not feel there are any side effects. It doesn't cause any constipation or extra breakouts. However, do take note that every person do have a different reaction towards the same supplement. 

Interested with Lucent? 
More information and purchasing detail:  www.lione-labs.com.

When it come to supplement and consuming products, I guess you can't go wrong with products made in USA. 

Signing off, 
Fairer, brighter, like a diamond.

Totally jinx it! 

One of my quirkiest friend, Lance, was discussing about how my company should totally provide insurance. And today, I am 3 inches, 3 inches from death, without insurance. (LOL)

It's raining earlier and the road is slightly wet. I'm otw to work.
Running late but I did not speed (yes, I did not). But when I was on a little slope, I press the brake pedal a little too hard, and I lost control of my car.

It's only a two lane road.
And my car is making a 360 degree turn.
I am against the traffic and I am trying to press the brake pedal harder now.
The shrill of the wheel with road due to the last emergency brake I pressed so hard is giving me the adrenaline rush.

It's not the first time my car out of control.
And it's not the first time I am this near to dying. My car door is literally 3 inches away to crashing into the road divider.

If I did not make the brake on time, I am expecting me and my car making a fly~

But it stopped on time.
Good gracious JesusAllahGuanYinMa.

I guess the moral of the story is reckless people like me should not drive.
I should stay at home. Anyone offering home-based work ah? Haha.

Signing off,
Be safe.

"The cup is half full!" 

We all know how to test on are we pessimist or positive by pulling this ambiguous test. 
And we all know the answer should be "the cup is half full" because this is to show that we are positive. 

However, have anyone really realize about the cup, is refillable? 
No matter is half full or half empty, it doesn't really matter. 
The matter is the container. If you are a glass, then every time you can only fill a glassful of water.

I believe everyone has a role to play with in this world. 
Knowing that you are what kind of container works the best. 

Some people are a big bath tub, you can fill in a lot of water at once. 
Some people are like a tea cup, 200ml at most. 

Only you know yourself best. 
If the more water you collects defines how successful you are, being a tea cup definitely at a downside, because every time you can only collect so little.  
But, if you are a bathtub, you can collect more. 

If you are a tea cup, you definitely have to be really hardworking.
Knowing you, born as a teacup. 

But, being positive enough, you are definitely less bulky than a bath tub!

My point is, you are the world. 
You define yourself. 
You shape your thought. 
You shape your "world". 
You make the changes. 

First, know about yourself. 
Second, if you know about yourself wasn't the one you want to be...

embrace it, but don't gave in! 
Don't forget, the glass is refillable!
Be hardworking, trust yourself, it's never too late.

Signing off, 
Stay true, stay positive. (unless your true is pessimistic, well....) 

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