I've tried everything just to get fairer...

"just 3 months, significant brighter face tone" 

Funny how I never know how all these supplements really work and how to tell does it really work on you. 

Despite I'm really fair, my face have this dull tone that i couldn't really get rid off unless a tad bit of those foundation or color correctors. Especially the dark circles.

Steve know about my problem for quite some time and he ask me to try Lucent. 
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST just that you know. 

As you can see, I've consuming these pills for a while. 
It's trusted that helping people with skin problems like dull and dark skin. 

When I first get my hands on Lucent, my first impression is 
"I hate tomatoes" 
I hate tomatoes and I can slightly taste the "tomato-ness" when I am taking these pills and I am so dreaded. 

Lucent have these in the formulation and trusted can aid in glowing and radiant skin. They are the 
i) Phytofloral
ii) Vitamin C Palmitate
iii) N-Acetyl Cysteine 
iv) CoQ10

(Brighten and lighten the skin, protect DNA damage from oxidative stress, protects from harmful rays, inhabit melanin synthesis to prevent skin pigmentation and collagen degradation. Slow signs of aging, support immune system and brighten skin complexion. Promote metabolism and fatty acid synthesis, improve the appearance of skin and hair ,help prevent liver damage and raise glutathione level in blood. Rejuvenate cells and help to neutralize harmful free radicals, antioxidant, reduce effects of photo-aging)

...blah blah SCIENCE.

It's a long science talk. 
You can read it when you got one box of Lucent. 1 box is good for 1 month. (60 tablets)
2 pills a day 15 minutes before meal in the morning and night and you are good to go. 

What I think about Lucent after 1 month consuming?
Honestly speaking, it doesn't have a significant change in term of fairer. But to be fair, (get the pun?) I do feel that my skin condition is brighter and more supple. 
You can't expect you bought a box of supplement and bam! you are snow white.
Well, you might. But it doesn't happened to me. So, every single consumer will react differently. (I suppose I get less because my digestive system is weak, true story) 

Side effect? 
So far I do not feel there are any side effects. It doesn't cause any constipation or extra breakouts. However, do take note that every person do have a different reaction towards the same supplement. 

Interested with Lucent? 
More information and purchasing detail:  www.lione-labs.com.

When it come to supplement and consuming products, I guess you can't go wrong with products made in USA. 

Signing off, 
Fairer, brighter, like a diamond.

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  1. It's good that this product leaves your skin brighter and more supple! Good for yoU! :)

  2. I heard of the other brand Crystl Tomato. Is this the same one? I would like to try too!

    1. Yeap, this one is similar with that one too.

  3. Quite a lot of these kind of supplement ya, but this products seem good and effective to consume? Perhaps I should get a try also ;)

  4. Great post, thanks for the info.

  5. dont of this until I read here.
    thanks for the info of this product :D

  6. I should try it out too since even though just a box but can see some different there. Will get it soon.

  7. I think consuming supplement like this should be fine for the sake of beauty, thanks for sharing yo!

  8. well, this method definitely better than invasive type..

  9. This is gonna be so helpful for those who has been trying so hard to get fairer skin! I should get my friends to know about it.

  10. I have yellow-ish skin tone. is it suitable for me too?

  11. I think we have the same issue, I'm relatively fair but my complexion is pretty dull. Glad that these supplements are slowly effective for you :)

  12. this is a great product for those who wants to be fair... I am afraid I had a different mind set when I was younger... I wanted to be tanned... LOL

  13. Would like to try this but am afraid that it would end up being like one of the many other products. used for a while and then on the sidelines collecting dust.

  14. Different products work differently on different ppl. If it works for you, doesn't mean it will work for me.

  15. wow...i also want to try it!!!I want my skin become more fairer!!

  16. I hate tomatoes too! But despite hating it, it really benefits to our body and skin a lot =D

  17. I hate tomatoes too! But I love to eat grilled cherry tomatoes! LOL

  18. i want to be fair too.. sweet sweet white looking isaac :D..

  19. i think i dun recommend tk pill, better we get from the vege or fruit itself

  20. Read your post & love it!! But I love your blog title even more! hahahaha I am not so famouse yet toooo..

  21. I only try placenta pill. Should consider this as I have dark spots and it hard to get rid of it.

  22. First time hear about this product... Hmm.. Looks good though~

  23. So far the Lucent making your skin getting brighter?


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