Sky Dining & Bar Concept : Roofino @ Trillion KL

"I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid 🎶" 

So I being the new era princess, brought my prince to the new sky dining spot in Trillion KL earlier. If you happened to be around, can really check it out. Probably new hanging spot for those sky dining lover. 


Started off with a warm onion soup. 
Not your usual creamy type and it's definitely A-list for comfort food. 

Jul is super happy with her soup.

Next with the trio bruschetta.

Wasn't sure if it's my birthday but everyone is there today. Hello.  

Food here definitely up to par, despite the food decoration is oddly hilarious.
This is Leon's main dish, beef tenderloin. It is very flavorful and strongly recommended for those who love beef.

My choice is always the lamb.
Give me my cutlet, and I'm happy for days. Lovely flavor, good presentation and perfect doneness.

Dessert is like a sweet ending for a good story.
Not too fancy for this story ending but everyone liked it very much. Just me cannot deal with mousse but mousse fans should really go for this.

Good food with good companion that night. 

And of course it's always great to meet her again. 
Staphhh it babe. Not returning any kisses. lol. 

Roofino has a very interesting landscape. 
The bar and dining area is separated. The dining area is indoor with glasshouse. 
You can always dine with a view of the best Kuala Lumpur. I believe it's also a very good choice for intimate wedding. 

 Or a private photo shooting session. Any takers?

Parking lot can be slightly confusing tho.
But just remember to go in the Trillion building and you are good to go!

Roofino Skydining & Bar
34th Floor, Trillion KL,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
50400 Malaysia

Opening hours is from 12pm to 3am

Signing off,
More wine please!

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  1. wah so atas now. makan best best punya tempat.. :D

    1. Have to follow you more ok! Hahah your one more atas!

  2. gorgeous view and the food seems so delish. i'll get my girls to do a night cap there

    1. Girls night out seems not a bad idea. When you wanna bring me too?

  3. Wow the ambience and the night view is so nice and the food too. Looks like you all had a great night out.

  4. looks like nice place to dine. my dear never bring me nice place like this.

    1. Aiyohhh. Why your dear never bring you der! Haha

  5. Good food.Fabulous view and good company. What else can you wish for?

  6. that beef tenderloin looks so yummy. the place looks great yeah

    1. Yums. Stop saying it anymore. I'm hungry now.

  7. Bojio!!! Hahaha... wonder how's the price range like?

  8. Love the view so much. Times for me to book a date with my hubby there.

  9. I really love the concept of dining under the stars but away from the weather elements. I love that they have such an amazing cityscape as backdrop, too.

    1. Same here. I also love the cityscape backdrop!

  10. Such a great place to have celebration like yours, really like the venue :)

  11. The view here must have been amazing dear - what a venue to celebrate :)

  12. wow.... what a magnificent place... I never knew this place existed also... must go check out one day....thanks for the share...

  13. Oh wow, hanging with besties in this place really amazing! Such a great environment and food they served!

  14. Look like you very enjoy the night with your bestie..I wish I can too..


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