The cup is not half full, nor half empty either...

"The cup is half full!" 

We all know how to test on are we pessimist or positive by pulling this ambiguous test. 
And we all know the answer should be "the cup is half full" because this is to show that we are positive. 

However, have anyone really realize about the cup, is refillable? 
No matter is half full or half empty, it doesn't really matter. 
The matter is the container. If you are a glass, then every time you can only fill a glassful of water.

I believe everyone has a role to play with in this world. 
Knowing that you are what kind of container works the best. 

Some people are a big bath tub, you can fill in a lot of water at once. 
Some people are like a tea cup, 200ml at most. 

Only you know yourself best. 
If the more water you collects defines how successful you are, being a tea cup definitely at a downside, because every time you can only collect so little.  
But, if you are a bathtub, you can collect more. 

If you are a tea cup, you definitely have to be really hardworking.
Knowing you, born as a teacup. 

But, being positive enough, you are definitely less bulky than a bath tub!

My point is, you are the world. 
You define yourself. 
You shape your thought. 
You shape your "world". 
You make the changes. 

First, know about yourself. 
Second, if you know about yourself wasn't the one you want to be...

embrace it, but don't gave in! 
Don't forget, the glass is refillable!
Be hardworking, trust yourself, it's never too late.

Signing off, 
Stay true, stay positive. (unless your true is pessimistic, well....) 

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  1. Sometimes, I look at a glass that is half full, sometimes half empty. It depends on situation and mood. HAHAHA

  2. A good balance between on how you would like to determine a situation is what usually one of the best ways of defining who you can be. Being positive always wins too.

  3. I love the theory! Thank you for sharing. So inspiring :')

  4. Hmm... ya wor, it can always be refillable, better change our perspective for a full cup of water :)

  5. I believe if you wake up with a smile telling yourself today is a good day, you'll be happy to face any difficulties!

  6. Thanks are an inspiration..and I giggled at your are me at the very least.

  7. You are such an inspiration for one so young... you are thoughtful and insightful... keep it up and always stay positive, lovely Carina

  8. It really depends on which perspective we see from.. Inspiring post..


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