"As this is the biggest decision I've made, I realized how far I can go and how much potential I have inside in me. I realize how important it is for one to have a goal, and stick with it." 

One of the biggest decisions so far this year is also the dreadest decision I've ever made - to go out my comfort zone, once again, after years of living in my safest embrace with Leon. 

I decided to leave the country and everything behind 7000 miles away, to Hawaii just to see the world, and have a taste of my dream. I have watched enough episodes of Sex and The City and I really want to see the "City" myself, minus the forking out money part. *Fangirling to Carrie* 

My WAT (work and travel) experience wasn't the easiest one to begin with. I am one of the 2 ladies out of the 10 Malaysian students that being sent to Hawaii. With no one and nothing to begin with, I braced myself for unknown possibilities 7000 miles away, with faith that I will and have to be alright, taking care me and myself. Oh, did I mention the other lady who participate this programme is with her bf...  #foreveralone 

I received emails lately regarding how and why I chose Hawaii for my WAT programme. 
To be brutally honest, I didn't even know Hawaii was one of the states in US. (I still believe it belonged to Japan. ) *chuckles* 

But I praise the universe for the opportunity and letting me find out this as one of the extra options other than California and Florida. SO , to begin with... 

How you should choose your working state: 
Choose a place that you wish to spend most of your time with!
For me, I insist on choosing a warmer states, hence the decision on California and Florida. (warm but not lose out on the fun) My plan to spend on winter jackets is almost zero. Me, living in a country of Summer-only-no-other-season-liao, my tolerance to cold is zero. Wait, I mean I have NO tolerance to cold. Imagine I still constantly wear long sleeves in Hawaii.

And I could just sneeze all day long... 

How you should choose your working agent:
Choose someone you can work along with. For my case, I find that Infinity Abroad fulfilled my needs and answered all my questions. I was rejected rudely by the OOTB as they refused to help me. They said I can only join the Summer programme (I apply during early March) due to my student status. (You have to be a student when you apply WAT) But they refuse to take me in as they are full. And I can only join the Winter programme if I am still a student by May, which I am not a student anymore.... as I graduated in May.

I am forever thankful to Infinity Abroad. 
As they are not just helpful with me... they are also very patient with my questions and Soong even suggested for me to go to Hilton Waikoloa, allowing me to have a chance to see this incredible view, and walking around with an incredible looking CV now... 

In Hilton Waikoloa Village...

There are dolphins.

This is my everyday view.
It's incredible how much my heart flutters now just think about it.

It was such a shame for a city girl going into the nature-living life.
I'm forever grateful thinking bout it now. It was such a pain in the ass as I have to give away my TV and internet (they do have internet but I am just too busy! ). For all these things that Hawaii has to offer, I miss staying in my blankey just playing internet games all day long.

And now I find myself so foolish and silly. Mother nature is indeed the best.
If only I am in Hawaii forever. Wait, I mean in Hilton.

These are all the views around my stay.

 On my very first day.

My only splurge before the trip was the white Reebok that lasted me for 3 months. But hey, I wear them all the time. Almost 24/7

View outside. My balcony.
I stay in a room... Wow. It's such a long drive down memory lane.

How I wish to see you again.

I was sooooooo overwhelmed with the view.
It feels like all the stress throughout the years, being emptied. 
I'm just proud of myself that I did not give up trying even though I've being turned down by OOTB and other agents. 

Signing off, 

"I dare you to try a 8 hour photo shooting session."

Last Friday, me and Leon went for a photo shooting session in Penang and had our fair share of "Penang Top Model Season 9". We were so excited for the 8am photo shooting but then later that day we couldn't bear for it to end earlier.

I can never underestimate any photo shooting model out there, anymore. It might sounds like the easiest work in the world simply just posing to the camera, but the attention spend for continuously 10 hours, that's no kidding bruh. Especially when working with my partner that doesn't really pose, Nuuuu.

I had 4 style to change and man, the dresses are as heavy as my Monday Blue's eye lid.
So heavy!

One of my favourite look.

I have to go home by 12am tonight hehe. 
Call me Cinderella. 

 Leon in grey. Never thought he can look like a tycoon. xixi.
A billionaire look!

Mermaid look is also one of my favourite!
Love all the look my MUA set for me.


 Okay gotta go!

Ever wonder why you should only marry once?
Because it's way to tedious to do it twice, unless you are bawling well that's a different story.

We slept the whole Saturday and Sunday away....
Like how can you judge those models that work through that routine for days and months and years.
Man, just imagine yourself keep changing and posing for the 10 hours....

Signing off,
Stay pretty :)

"Does it really work? Does it really work?"

First of all, I am so enthralled when I was introduced to this collagen hairdryer.
Everyone knows that I am a sucker for new beauty technology. But collagen hairdryer?
How does it work and does it really work?

Remember the nanotechnology that people used in all kinds of serum and products back then? 
There is this new trend where people want to focus the ion on the hair.  Add to that, it disperses all the collagen to your hair which all the people are crazy about.

Now your hair can have it too.

Introducing Tescom Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer.

There are 2 double energy negative ions which emits from the top and triangle negative ions from the bottom.

And collagen from the collagen box will merge with the ions and give you glossy and moisturized hair.

There are 4 merits that this beauty hairdryer provide. 

Tech specs:

Power: AC220-240V
PW con: 1350W-1600W
Air Flow: 1.4m/min
Dimension: 282mm x 229mm x 95mm


All this while I am using a P-brand and I've no problem with the hairdryer.
However, this hairdryer did a better job on drying the hair without losing the moisture of the hair. Look at my hair, really bouncy now :)

This Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer is the very first Collagen Hair Dryer in the world!
This technology allows sophisticated and soft blow that provides better hair drying process, only from Tescom.

Now you can get it from Superbuy in Malaysia. Superbuy is their currently only reseller and exclusive partner.
Buy it online at www.superbuy.my/tescom
Buy it offline at Touch Point: 4, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

This product is currently selling at RM499. It's even cheaper than the 14,712Yen in Japan! (about RM590)

Signing off,
Making you and your hair shine, let the hair do the talking!

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